Saturday, September 05, 2009

Follow the Interlocking Directorates To See Who Rules America.

Why look at interlocking directories? Most shares in most companies are held by proxies, therefore it is only by looking at interlocking directorships that you can see the kind of power groups behind the economy.

On August 23, 1913, four months before the Federal Reserve was officially created, an article appeared in the NY Times stating the defeat of "currency radicals" who tried to add a provision that would prohibit interlocking directorates - defined as the linkages among corporations created by individuals who sit on two or more corporate boards - among banks in the proposed reserve banking system.

Interlocking directories is one of the mechanisms that inspire organizations to coordinate and cooperate with each other. This, in turn, can can create the existence of an elite group of board members in control of a large percentage of corporate political donations which disproportionally influences political candidates, therefore legislation.

This is, then, the political game, in which a few players are capable of influencing a whole range of organizational decisions, which are supposedly disconnected, and independent of each other, in such a way, as to make them interdependent. -- Yitzhak Samuel, author of The Political Agenda of Organizations
So, unfortunately, for us, the defeat of the currency radicals, almost 100 years ago, allowed an elitist group of executives to rule, not only the American corporate world, but also the American government, hence, we, the people.

Democracy relies on a certain amount of conflict, not cohesion amongst its elites, according to Joseph Schumpeter an economist and political scientist, famous for popularizing the term "creative destruction" in economics.

Cooptation, a tactic of neutralizing or winning over a minority by assimilating them into the established group or culture, is an accepted political procedure in the business world. It effectively neutralizes competition and extends the external support for the organization and its activities.

So, in other words, very little happens in the West without this elite group's approval.
No matter what we're told by the mainstream media, by those who hold top government positions, and/or anyone with power and influence, we should not forget that those people are either controlled by or are part of a very small group of individuals who form an elite class who ruthlessly look out for their own financial and political interests, caring little, if at all, for the interests of the electorate in general, or of the working class in particular.
"The world gasps for liquidity, not because the supply of money has contracted but because too much of it now goes to pay off old debts rather than fund new productive investments." Forbes Magazine stated October 11, 1982


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