Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get Out There And Make Obama Do It.

An audience member attending the 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival, stood up and questioned the book panel, tackling the subject of "The Great Repression" if he should continue to maintain his faith in President Obama. Naomi Klein immediately responded with, "Obama needs your pressure, not your faith". She then shared the following anecdote she heard about FDR:

Eleanor Roosevelt said that when FDR would meet with civil rights leaders who would make demands that he didn’t think was politically possible at the time, he would respond, paraphrasing FDR: "That sounds like a great idea - I want to do it. Now get out there and make me do it. Create the conditions in which I can do it.”that's "that's a good idea, now get out there and MAKE me do it!"
Faith is defined as a belief that is not based on proof. President Obama is not God, therefore cannot perform miracles, so our faith, in and of itself, does not help him achieve what he has promised.

Do you think the banksters, the corporate elite, the international power brokers, etc. rely on their faith in Obama to get what they want? Hell no! They harass, and continuously exert as much force as they can muster. So, it's absolutely essential that we, the people, get off our collective ass and counter that force by organizing and creating independent movements that can offset the power and wealth of that infinitesimally small group of elites, who can only hope we, the people never rise up and challenge them. They will cave when the only alternative is revolution.

Breaking up the banks, who caused the meltdown, and ensuring that they never are allowed to get so big that they distort our politics and take down the economy would be a good start.

This applies not only to our economy, but to all the issues President Obama addressed while campaigning, including education, health care, and equal rights for GLBT citizens.

Politicians cannot afford to appear weak when campaigning, therefore they make promises that sound as if they can handle it as long as they have our support, because they would never get elected if they campaigned by telling the public, "I promise....but, only if you force me to do it." So, especially in times like these, it's not enough to place our hope in President Obama, we must make him do it. That's not only what Obama desires, it's something he requires.


J Sheen,  22:57  

This is so true. Without an active, mobilized and engaged citizenry, things will deteriorate to the point where we have an angry and surly citizenry, looking for vulnerable scapegoats, since they can't get at the people responsible for their plight. If the unemployment rate continues to escalate, it won't be long before this country becomes a war zone.

Roth's stepchild 23:40  

Well, hopefully it won't get that bad, but you're right, the only way to change the tide is through an engaged, active citizenry. Obama can't do it all by himself.

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