Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interesting Links to the 21st Century

2009 H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) - CDC's latest info regarding H1N1. Last week, influenza ctivity, now widespread in 46 states ( FluView), continued to increase in the US as reported in. Flu-related hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase nation-wide and are above what is expected for this time of year.

ACE - a database of song titles licensed by ASCAP in the US. For each title, you can find the names of the songwriters, contact persons, and addresses and, in most cases, phone numbers of publishers to contact if you want to use the work.

Center For Economic Research and Forecasting - Forecasts are not always the most pleasant news, but to be successful, you need to follow the facts and not your feelings.

Center For Plain Language - Plain Language is a Civil Right. Plain language is more than just short words and short sentences ...When you create material in plain language, you consider the audience...the readers.

The Electoral Map - The intersection of politics and geography. A blog where maps tell the story behind the votes — the culture, economics, demographics, history, sports and the stories that influence the map.

New America Foundation - This site emphasizes work that is responsive to the changing conditions and problems of 21st C info- age economy...transforming innovation and wealth creation in an era of shortened job tenures, longer life spans, mobile capital, financial imbalances and rising inequality.

Networking-the -- Social networking information.

New Geography - "Where we live and how to make it better". In addition to the subjects: Economics; Demographics; Politics; Urban Issues; Suburbs; Housing; this site features sections on: Best Cities 2009; Obama's America; Financial Crisis; New Deal 75th Anniversary Series.

Politico - In addition to all the latest political news and headlines, this site includes "a living diary of the Obama Presidency".


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