Sunday, January 24, 2010

Corporations Conveniently Cloak the Psychopaths Among Us

Yet, the Supreme Court is endowing these giant psychopathic super powers with even more super powers, without the threat of severe punishment that we mere humans are subject.

Why? Well, it all started with the legal doctrine of "corporate personhood", established in the late 1800s, that makes the claim corporations are persons or human beings, therefore they are intended to fully enjoy the legal status and protections created for persons or human beings. Fast forward one-hundred years and the powers that be have decided it's in we, the human beings, best interest if we the human beings serve these giant beasts that house the psychopaths residing within.

But what makes powerful wealthy people believe that corporations are persons? From what I remember from economics 101, a corporation is an artificial legal and social structure where human beings gather for economic reasons. Yes, it (the corporation) is very good at raising capital, creating wealth, providing a return for its shareholders, etc. However, it cannot serve on a jury, cannot serve time, cannot serve our country, nor can it serve breakfast. It can "live" forever...can "live" in multiple nations at once...can "live" with or without oxygen, food, sex, and all the other things we humans require. The bottom line is, that it is an it...that's it.

The good thing. Obama's angry. Maybe that means he's not going to take it anymore.


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