Monday, January 04, 2010

Protect Your Computer From the Bad Guys Links

Unfortunately, in cyberworld, the bad guys are only getting worse. They tend to stay one or two steps ahead of the good guys, and sometimes the biggest problem in computer security isn't necessarily the computer itself, but computer operator ignorance

"It really speaks to a Web 2.0 world. People communicate differently today, people transact and pay their bills differently today, and that drives today's criminals." -- David Marcus, director of security research and communications for McAfee Labs
Enlightening links:

Protecting you computer from online bad guys is no joke

Watch Out: Cyber Threats to Expect in 2010

12 things computer users should fear in 2010

End-to-end encryption: The PCI security holy grail

Seven reasons websites are not secure - Many sites you visit are laden with malware.This is advice on how to protect your systems.

How to Secure Windows and Your Privacy -- with Free Software

Although safer, Linux Ubuntu is not immune to dangerous attacks from malicious software.

Mac Security Reality-check: Scams

Who Knows Who Your Facebook Friends Are?

The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy


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