Saturday, January 30, 2010

Right-wing Coup D'etat

“Those in power must invent noble lies and pious frauds to keep the people in the stupor for which they are supremely fit.” -- Leo Strauss, godfather of neo-con scholars
I've always wondered, why, considering the hatchet job on Clinton, while in office, and the Bush v. Gore pillage, did the neo-cons let an African-American Democrat follow on the heels of the Republican political front man, George W (credentials: inadequately educated "party boy" blatantly manifesting an anti-intellectual, cowboy machismo and religiosity, whose repeated failures in business earned him the position of Gov. of TX) they plundered into office?

Because no matter what you think of W, he accomplished a hell of a lot to further the neo-con agenda, which entailed taking over Washington, steering the US into a Middle Eastern war, nominating necon "activist judges" (Alito and Roberts: his most important mission), deregulating Wall Street, promoting the rights of corporations over individuals, unchecking the power of the President, shredding the other words, basically leaving this country in a shambles (Project for the New American Century ).

So, why after all the trouble the neo-cons went to over the last three decades, in order to usher in their agenda, would they allow someone who seemingly represented the antithesis to W, carte blanche?

Well, for one thing, who better to clean up after a wealthy white man, than a black man? However, aside from the fact that any President following Bush would inherit the insurmountable task of putting Humpty Dumpty together again, the real answer lies in installation of "the highly politicized conservative majority intent on working its will, even if that means ignoring precedents and the wishes of the elected branches of government" to the Supreme Court.

Yep, President Obama's election is all part of the plan. Not only is Obama their convenient "fall guy", they have nothing to worry about as far as anyone interfering in their agenda, thanks to the Republican party, who transformed itself into a two-year old, as they've become the "party of no", but even more importantly, securing traitors to American democracy in positions of power, in which it is very easy to take even more power and show America who is boss.

If we don't do something now, you can bet the neoconservatives have done, and are doing something, and that something is setting the stage for an era that will make the Bush years seem rather serene.


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