Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pervasive Fear

Even in a crisis situation, where one would think that change is the obvious solution, the biggest obstacle is pervasive fear...a fear that those in power know how to fully exploit.

Since the Reagan years, the international financial elite manipulated the markets to create obscene rewards for themselves, at the expense of poor and middle class people across the world.

They use/used devious derivatives, cunning CDOS, and other trickery and siphoned off ever-larger portions of the surplus value created by the producers of real goods and services.

However, when their own greed blew up in their faces, annihilating, in slow motion, the corrupt system built to serve them, what did we do? Bail them out. Help them rebuild their corrupt system. In other words, nothing's changed.

Our consumer-based, materialistic-driven model of society is deteriorating, yet we offer nothing in its place. Why? Because we've allowed those who, if anything continue to benefit from our suffering, to scare us away from  eliminating the old systems that no longer work.   

It's time to confront the fear-mongers and  swap out useless, worthless, derivatives for buildings, bridges, highways, health care facilities, public transportation, etc. It's time to take on unemployment and repair our nation’s infrastructure.


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