Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Save Grandma! Pull the Plug on the Tea Party!

What happens when a tea-bagger loses his or her job and can't find another one? Do they still spout the Tea Party "redistribute my work ethic, not my wealth" rhetoric?  What happens when a tea-bagger gets old? Sick? Disabled?  Are their 401ks immune to market crash?  Do they live in a giant tea-potted alternative universe? They're so quick to demonize anyone who falls on hard times; so quick to protest Social Security, Medicare, and entitlement programs; so quick to jump on the corporate bandwagon and support the extension of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy...

As Rachel Maddow pointed out, Wall Street charges five times as much as the federal government does to manage retirement funds, not to mention, the risk considering Wall Street's nothing but a giant casino. 

If only Obama really would say this:
"Believe me...these people getting elected scare the hell outta me! President Obama needs to get up there and say: 'Listen people. I know you're frustrated. Let me tell you how frustrated...when I had to deal with my Dixiecrats. Let me tell ya..if you elect these people...remember during the debate for healthcare? That I was going to pull the plug on Grandma? Guess what? These people will!! They want to get rid of social security!! There's no Grandma left! -- Chris, who called Tom Ashbrook, host of On Point regarding tea party candidates.

GOP ready to make 'Pledge to America'


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