Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is the Bush Palin Rift Merely Another Disinformation Scheme?

Flashback to 1933 and you will find that the establishment conservatives did not embrace Hitler as one of their own. They thought he was a low-class, loose canon, much like the Bush family sees Sarah Palin.

Nevertheless; when Hitler came to power, the establishment, at the time, found his extreme nationalism, racism, antidemocratic positions and his drive to revive Germany’s great power status conformable to their agenda. In other words, despite Hitler's colloquialism and bombast, he had potential as a tool or weapon that would prove effective in destroying the emancipatory spirit, so pronounced in Weimar German culture. 

Now, Palin, or course, is not Hitler...hopefully; however, there is no doubt that she - like Hitler was to the German elite -  may just provide a certain usefulness to the current ruling class if she were to come to, let's say, assume the presidency in 2012.

The bottom line is that the elite comprehend the importance of cohesion within the structure of their power. There is an understanding amongst the ruling class, that in order to remain in power they must work together and abide by the rule of their law, minimizing conflict as much as possible. So, you can be sure that the Bush/Palin dustup is little more than realpolitik.


Anonymous,  21:22  

I'm sure you are right. It's who you know, not what you know. Yes, they understand the necessity of staying well-connected. The degree of their social interconnection is a good tool to measure their the amount of influence.

Anonymous,  12:17  

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