Friday, December 10, 2010

Extension of Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthy Cost More than all the Bail Outs Put Together.

When I posted President Obama: Man of the People? Captive of the Ruling Elite? Political Genius? Or All Three? I really wanted to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. After all, he inherited, he did not cause the current state of our union, in addition to the terrorist-like demands of the Republican. However, after reading Robert Reich's article, The President’s Last Stand Is No Stand At All: Why the Tax Deal is an Abomination, especially, where he says, "And given that the House turns over to Republicans in January, the President probably won’t have another chance like this one", and then, after finding out that the unemployment compensation package the people received in return for handing what's left of our "wealth" over to the privileged plutocrats doesn't even include the 99ers...well, it's very hard to conclude that President Obama's heart is with the people. Not to mention, the matter of phasing out the estate tax, which, in doing so, would only ensure the increase of future generations of elitist  parasites.

"Repeal the estate tax and within a few decades control over America’s productive assets will be in the hands of non-productive Americans who never lifted a finger in their lives except to speed-dial their financial advisors.

People who inherit great wealth just because they’re lucky enough to have super-rich parents don’t have any particular incentive to be entrepreneurial. They don’t have any particular incentive to do anything. Giving them control over the American economy is like giving control over a Boeing 777 to teenagers with joysticks." -- Robert Reich

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American 99ers Union - Take Action Now
The President proposed a bill that trades tax benefits for the super rich for benefits for the unemployed through 2011 but this bill does NOT include anything for the 99ers!

We implore you to tell your Senators and Congressmen that they MUST add at least 24 more weeks to the current federal limit of 99 weeks.

While an extension would save 99ers from homelessness in the dead of winter, it would also stimulate the economy in this all-important retail quarter leading into Christmas!

Please recommend to your Senators and Congress persons that in the interest of bi-partisanship, they strike a deal with the Republicans, trading the extension of tax cuts for those making over $250,000/year BUT ONLY in exchange for 24 more weeks added to Tier 4 (or a Tier 5) for 99ers.
Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Needed!
Thirty three States qualified for the Federally enacted tier 4 unemployment extension. The criteria by which a State triggered, and as such became eligible for the fourth tier, came as a result of a State's Unemployment Rate remaining at 8.5% for three consecutive months.

By enacting this important legislation, Washington set a precedent that it considered an 8.5% unemployment rate for an "extended period of time" to be unacceptably high, and as such warranted providing Americans with a much needed financial lifeline.

Given the aforementioned facts, would this not mean that with a current National Unemployment Rate of 9.8%, which includes nineteen consecutive months of a National unemployment rate of 9.0% or above, would necessitate the creation of a
tier 5 extension of unemployment insurance?


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