Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leaving Whistleblowers and Taxpayers Hopelessly in a Lurch

Abuse of the public trust is at an all time high. So, its more important than ever before to see and understand, what our leadership is up to...the leadership we've been conditioned to trust. And, that's where the  Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) came in.  It was legislation aimed at exposing corruption at the top levels of politics, our economy, and other large institutions. The Act would have protected federal workers who use legal and safe channels to expose waste, fraud, abuse, and threats to public safety. 

So, you say, what's more important than protecting against "unlawful acts, regulatory violations, abuses of authority, dangers to public health and any gross mismanagement or gross waste of funds?" Apparently, everything. Especially after a few Republicans connected the WikiLeaks controversy to the WPEA, ultimately killing it.

Yep, the act of one  senator, who shall remain nameless, secretly put a hold on the bill after it passed a voice vote, just before the chamber adjourned for the Christmas holiday...the political scoundrel's favorite time of the year.

But isn't it weird how it always comes down to that one scoundrel who messes things up for everyone?  Anyway, WikiLeaks seems to be the go-to excuse for everything from restrict-the-Internet to kill-the-whistleblower...protection.


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