Monday, April 11, 2011

Treasonous Oil Spikes

It's hard to rile up the Snooki-obsessed American public. Three wars, the continued plundering of the US economy by the ruling class, growing unemployment, and the emerging "security-industrial complex," aren't enough to wake up the Snooki-watchers. But, do you know what will? The skyrocketing cost at the pumps. And, whether they know it or not, with good reason.

As the "humanitarian" war in Libya pushes oil - the lifeblood of the US economy - above $112 barrel, with no immediate prospect of relief, gasoline prices, will most likely hit $5 a gallon, shortly. Here is the thing. It's even worse than most Americans realize. You see, thanks to globalization, rather than those oil/gasoline profits returning to the stream of purchasing power, investment, and/or capital-building, therefore, possibly adding redemptive value to the much loathed price increase -  insofar as those profits might serve to create jobs, and increase consumption -   a good portion of those profits have left/will leave the country, thus, fleecing the US taxpayers once more.

Therefore, not only does this price surge - especially when you add in the rising costs of food, and other petroleum products - make it even tougher for average Americans to make ends meet in this "more fragile than reported" economy, the rising cost of petroleum will suck approximately $300 billion out of the US economy, according to economist Bob Chapman.

Locals gathered in front of the hotel that will host the meeting between a delegation of African leaders and Libyan rebels on today to broker a ceasefire between Qadhafi and the opposition, but rebel leadership rejected the plan because it did not stipulate the Libyan leader would step down.

The crowd in this photo looks like it could be CGI.  But, of course, it isn't. 


Anonymous,  23:39  

The Obama administration have agreed to send 25 million in aid to the Libyan "rebels". Rebels with known ties to Alqaeda and Islamic terrorists, especially the Maghreb organisation.

Therefore, giving aid to Maghreb and the jihad is treason, aiding and abetting the enemy. Shall we say that Obama and Clinton should be arrested for treason? I say they should.

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