Saturday, June 11, 2011

Has Christianity Gone Satanic?

Secular Christianity may sound like an oxymoron, more than likely, because it is, as it implies serving two masters: the state and Jesus Christ.  Nevertheless, despite the inherent paradox, if you examine the beliefs and actions of most American Christians, and then reflect on what Jesus actually taught, you will see there is very little, if any similarity between the two.  Many Christian churches have adopted a worldly spirit, and have united with the state.   Incorporated 501(c)(3) religious organizations comes to mind.  In fact, considering the evangelical Christian embracing of Twilight as a pro-abstinence narrative, satanic Christianity may be more accurate. A little more on that, later.

Of course, true Christians - those who really try to understand and live up to the teachings of Jesus - exist. However, you will never find them in places of power or celebrity. Why? Because the ruling elite truly hate everything for which Jesus stands. And, unfortunately, they are the ones who ultimately determine what society values. How? Well, by co-opting Christianity, of course. After all, the platform and tools necessary to promote any type of belief system requires massive resources. And, rather than crush the masses under their boot, our rulers have put forth "false apostles and deceitful workers, who transform themselves into the apostles of Christ" in order to promote their occultist belief system in such a way that the masses accept their version of Christianity - satanic Christianity - with a smile. 

Take the hottest pop culture phenomenon since Harry Potter: Twilight, not to mention, Buffy, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc, which has created an occult addiction amongst teens to such an extent that they think sinking their teeth into one another is the ultimate sign of intimacy and love. The juxstaposition of sex and violence portrayed is truely disturbing.
Uhm...hello?  Isn't vampirism the antithesis of Christianity?   The vampire is obviously the inversion of Jesus Christ. Both Christ and vampires deal with blood and eternal life.  But, whereas Christ shed his blood so that his followers could have eternal life, the vampire sheds his follower's blood so that he can have eternal life. You see, the vampire achieves immortality through immorality. Yet, Christian evangelicals hold Twilight up as somehow virtuous?

Sociopolitical Parasitism

Evil is parasitic. The whole idea of a beast subsisting on the essence of life sums up evil in a nutshell. Isn't it bad enough that we live at the mercy of a small powerful group of vampires people, who derive their wealth off the backs of the tax-paying working class? Why is it necessary to emulate them, too?


Anonymous,  16:34  

I think You are right with this Jesus vs vampire comparison. That is quite brilliant but not so obvious for most of people.

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