Monday, June 27, 2011

Modern Day Deluge: Beyond the Fountains of the Great Deep:

Whether the flood that engulfed Noah's world flowed out from the "fountains of the great deep", or rained down through "the windows of heaven", Noah did not have to contend with the possibility of a radioactive plume barbecue, or an overly enhanced secruity force - SENATE COMMITTEE ON ARMED SERVICES COMPLETES MARKUP OF NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2012 - declaring martial law.

Sure, the waters that had been held back by tectonic plate, or the "vapor canopy" that supposedly surrounded the planet at the time, burst forth with catastrophic consequences, but Noah only had to worry about himself and ensuring the survival of lions, tigers, and bears. Fast forward a few thousand years, and we have much more to worry about:  what the "manly-kind" has created, since Noah battled "The Deluge".

To be sure, the US is following right along, in the footsteps of the Japanese government - who initially attempted to play down the nuclear incident by not releasing accurate radiation data regarding Fukushima.  So, it's nearly impossible to discern truth from rumor, but here is the latest:

Yesterday, the Missouri River breached a water-filled berm at the Nebraska nuclear power, Fort Calhoun, allowing at the very least, hundreds of gallons of water to reach containment buildings and transformers.  

And, if that's not enough to keep you on the edge, the crack in the Gavins Point Dam will send you over. As of now, the Army Corps of Engineers is restricting foot traffic on all rocks, banks and roadways on land it owns below the Gavins Point Dam on the flooding Missouri River to ensure public safety. Well, that's nice...that is, for the people who believed Noah's animals peacefully lined up and marched on to the arc. 
And to think, that for the last three decades, not only were trillions and trillions of dollars wasted on the creation of absolutely nothing (exotic derivatives ),  the best minds were employed uselessly to dream up what, in the end, they could not even understand, themselves.  Just imagine if all of that money, time, and brain power was put to use engineering infrastructure that safeguard our well-being.

Arial view of Gavin's Point Dam:

Updated: High Water Closes Roads in Northwest Missouri

Missouri River Point Selection Page

Missouri River at Omaha_Panorama


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