Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paging Dr. Sanjay Gupta..The Black Death Is Here.

Where the hell are you, Sanjay? Nearly three weeks have passed since doctors in Joplin, Missouri, discovered a rapid, very aggressive fungal infection (zygomycosis although the name has formally changed to mucormycosis) that started showing up amongst the 1700 victims treated after the tornado from Hell ravaged Joplin, Missouri. This deadly black fungus causes nerve damage, blindness, brain and lung blood clots and ultimately, death.

This subcutaneous form of fungus, invades underlying blood vessels of tissue, and cuts off circulation to the skin causing the area to become black according to Dr. Schmidt who says it is “very invasive.” If the fungus stays in a limb, amputation of the infected limb may save the patient; however, as soon as it enters the brain tissue, it's too late.

Up to as many as eight people (3-4 people are being reported, however, my source tells me that 8 people have died to date) have died as a direct result. It wasn't until June 9, that health officials issued a staff warning about the killer fungus. Still, a close approximation of the number of people infected with the deadly fungus is not being revealed.
Spokesperson Jacqueline Lapine said the agency "is not confirming any deaths related to the reported fungal infections." She said samples taken from the suspected cases are being subjected to further testing at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Cover up? 

As always, if you want an answer to any question concerning our profit driven society, follow the profits, or potential lack thereof. 

If there is no potential profit or potential loss of profit, the CDC will likely take their time, as they are doing now, regarding Morgellon's disease. After having  received reports of "Morgellon's Disease" since the 1990s, the CDC still refuses to officially recognize it. Why?   Perhaps, because of the disease's possible link to GMOs...wouldn't want to jeopoardize Monsanto profits, now, would we?. 

But, what could possibly be the reason for stalling/covering up in this case? Well, besides the fact that there is no profit inducing vaccine waiting in the wings, it could have something to do with what the tornado recirculated from another recent disaster, as a tornado is a natural blender of sorts.

Remember, the news reporters who tried visiting the morgue surrounded by armed guards in Joplin, Missouri, where police not only prevented them from doing ; they ordered cameras be placed in the back of the reporters' vehicle (CNN did cover this story)?  Of course, this does not prove anything, in and of itself; nevertheless, it raises the suspicion level.

So, as farfetched as this may sound, the two-million gallons of Corexit used to break up the BP oil spill, which is very toxic to life, is circulating in the air and the water all around us. It very well may factor into the extraordinarily rare deadly fungus that's killing people in Joplin, MO, as Corexit destroys the natural skin barrier, making people much more vulnerable to infection.


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