Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As the Debt Ceiling Crisis Turns

The Federal Reserve gave out $16.1 trillion in emergency loans to U.S. and foreign financial institutions between Dec. 1, 2007 and July 21, 2010, according to "first-ever audit of the central bank". Yet, we're supposed to worry about what is essentially, chump change, in comparison? Debt ceiling crisis, my ass!

Okay, let's pretend it's real. According to Rob Johnson, Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute (see video below), it's much easier to go after we, the people, than to take on Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, etc., to pay for this so-called "crisis". As he says, it's the "logic of collective action".


Anonymous,  09:58  

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Anonymous,  13:59  

This guy hits the nail on the head.

Thanks for posting!

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