Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Sociopathic Government, It's Life, Stupid! Not the Fiction You Call an Economy.

We, as a people, have lost perspective of reality. We've totally bought into the belief that what gives life meaning, is based, on what you own; how much you have; whom you associate with, and your position. In other words, the one with the most wins, and the only kind of life worth living is a life lived for the acquisition of wealth, social status, position. Acquisition = success.

Therefore, most of us sincerely believe - including me at one time - that every decision government makes should be based on the premise: "it's the economy, stupid"! This so-called economy that requires each and every one of us to pay in order to live - from the time of birth - despite the fact that between nature and the advanced technology available there is more than enough to meet the basic needs of everyone on the planet.

Not to mention, most of us cannot even explain how this "ponzi scheme" of an economy works. Or how it sustains or empowers the people, because it does not. Can we eat money? Drink money? Breathe money? Wear money? What the hell is money, anyway? We can't even answer that. Why? Because it's not real. It's created out of thin air! Moreover, this debt-based money requires the creation of shortages to create value. Without debt and manufactured shortages, our economic system fails. WTF kind of system is that?

Yet, we continue to allow the powers that be to decide the overall quality of our lives based on this fiction, thus making it thee #1 priority in life, even when it destroys life. And that's exactly what our extractive economic system does. That's the way it was designed: to destroy life.

Because the more the international/American economy extracts or exploits the earth's natural resources, the more it pollutes our atmosphere, the more it plunges our planet into misery and ravages it by hunger, water shortages, flooding, and warfare...the more prosperous this economy is.

People's lives are evaluated through the market, and the lives of the poor, and now, even the middle-class are deemed practically worthless, because it's cheaper to let people die than to interfere with economic growth, and/or the profit of the elitist power structure.

The system is beyond dysfunctional.  If we have any hope of changing it, we need to revalue, re-prioritize, and redefine reality. Currently, the discourse that defines reality, especially for those who formulate public policy, is economics. The overall good of society is measured strictly by GNP/GDP, and an unsustainable rate of growth. The quality of our lives does not factor into this equation at all!

Take fracking, the hydraulic fracturing of coal gas seams and gas shale to liberate and extract natural gas. The noxious emissions emitted by this process contaminate the water table, air, and soil; but that is all but ignored because it's "good" for the economy.

This is our society. We are the nation. However, at this point, fighting back will only worsen our situation as they can declare martial law. In addition, they have covertly co-opted a good percentage of our more power-hungry citizenry by appealing to that that desire for power. Therefore, disconnecting from our system is the only way. And the only way that will work is if we, the people unite by building our local communities, which means we have to start trusting our "neighbors" rather than the ruling elite.

Who are the ruling elite? Well, who knows? But we do know who their puppets are: the mainstream media, government officials, corporate executives, attorneys, and/or the "justice" system, law enforcement, etc. Most of these people are not even aware of their "puppet" status. They're so brainwashed to accept and enforce the status quo that they operate on automatic.  They will only see the light when it is them who experience the crushing blows that the system is so adept at delivering.

The bottom line is divided we fall, and the ruling class knows that best of all.


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