Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bankster Back Door Bailouts Explained

Girl Bear: "What about the Goldman Sachs? Did they buy another bank?"
Boy Bear: "Because when you already own the U.S. government, you don't need to buy any more banks."
Boy Bear: "Actually, the Goldman Sachs probably profited from the failure of the AIGs".
Girl Bear: "How could someone profit from the downfall of one of their biggest clients?"
Boy Bear: "Because while the Goldman Sachs was loaning money to the AIGs, it was also making a secret bet that they would go under."
Girl Bear: "My god! Is this some kind of science fiction movie? Like the Star Wars?"
Girl Bear: "Are any of the bailouts going on today?"
Boy Bear: "Yes, the Ben Bernanke keeps the short term rate at zero."
Girl Bear: "How is that a bailout?"
Boy Bear: "Low rates means the banks have to pay the American very little interest in their savings accounts?"
Girl Bear: "That is very nice gift from the American people to the banks."
BoyBear: "Yes."
Girl Bear: "And to show their gratitude, did the banks stop their foreclosures?"
Boy Bear: "No".
Girl Bear: "Did they give them mortgages?"
Boy Bear: "No".
Girl Bear: "Did they do anything at all?"
Boy Bear: "Yes, they increased the monthly fees on all bank accounts."
Girl Bear: "That does not sound like the gratitude, that sounds like the screwing over of the American people."


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