Thursday, October 06, 2011

Is Apple’s 1987's Extraordinarily Accurate Prediction a Coincidence?

Is there such thing as coincidence? Of a point. However, even though we've been conditioned to believe everything is coincidence, pure coincidence is a rare occurrence.

Take technology, for instance. There is no doubt that technology's 20-30 years - or more - ahead of what we're told. Think about it. If you discovered something that gave you an advantage over everyone else, would you share it immediately? No, not if you were interested in retaining power. And unless you live in fantasy land, you know the wealthy and powerful want to stay wealthy and powerful. In fact, there is no doubt that they're not satisfied with the power they have...they want more. Hence, they wait to release technology until they discover something that gives them a much bigger advantage.

Two days ago, people eagerly awaited the announcement of iPhone 5. Instead, to the disappointment of many, including the stock market, which plummeted, along with the changing of the guard, Apple released iPhone 4s. Sadly, the next day, Steve Jobs died. 

Just hours before the death of Steve Jobs, it was released that Apple predicted the release of iPhone 4s in 1987, 24-years, prior.  Below, you can see the video from 1987 which demonstrates   Knowledge Navigator, almost exactly the same as Siri, the new language-based voice assistant, which enables one to converse with other iPhone users. It was the apple of Apple's eye decades before yesterday's announcement.

 The similarities are incredible. The agent lists messages and appointments which the user replies to and rearranges by speaking in normal english. He then searches for information, extracts graphs from a large data store (just as Siri will connect to Wolfram Alpha) and contacts a colleague by saying her name aloud.
The prediction was accurate, almost to the day.  Now, Apple is known for their long incubation periods; however, 24-years is a very long incubation period. One has to wonder, in this day and age of exponential technology growth, why areas such as the cancer, and aeronautical industries haven't experienced any real breakthroughs of note, as compared to the telecommunications and computer industry.


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