Thursday, November 24, 2011

Despite Headline Grabbing Atrocities and up to 53,000 Dead, Mexican Drug Cartels are Not Terrorists..

As the Mexican Drug Cartels operate with relative impunity on both sides of the border, the level and scale of violence that has claimed anywhere from 40,000 to upwards of 53,000  lives continues to escalate. Yet, our federal government virtually ignores these non-terrorists, despite the fact that they're a stone's throw away.  

A little odd, don't you think?  Considering all of the agencies and drug laws created.  Not to mention the billions, if not trillions of dollars spent on their so-called "war on drugs"  and "war on terror". So, what's the deal?  Why ignore the drug trafficking and brutal terrorism that's taking place in our own backyard when these cartels have infiltrated nearly 300 cities across the U.S., according to The National Drug Intelligence Center?

Just today, as We the People gave thanks, the bound and gagged bodies of 26 bodies were found in the heart of Guadalajara, supposedly a sign that could mean full-scale war between the country's two main drug cartels, Sinaloa and the Zetas - who were part of an elite military group that US special forces trained in counter-narcotics to help us fight the "drug war" in Mexico in the 1990s. And wouldn't you know the Zetas are the most viscous of all of the drug cartels? Coincidence? I think not. Because not only did we train them to fight...we taught them how to evade capture.

At the time the video below was created, former President Bush was defunding border security as Mexican gangs move drugs, arms and people across a WIDE OPEN border. Here's the thing. Without the help of federal government, individuals, such as law enforcement and reporters are at the mercy of these cartels. They're given a choice: bullets for you and your family, or cold hard cash.

The “War on Drugs” started June 17, 1971. That’s more than 40 years ago. Hence, it's clear that this is not a war on drugs; rather, it's a war for drugs .


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