Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Joe Paterno: It Takes A Village.

When in doubt, follow the money trails.  As it turns out, former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno had close business ties to Second Mile, the $27 million charity founded by alleged child molester and former Nittany Lions assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The Daly reports that Paterno and longtime Second Mile board chairman Robert Poole(runs Poole Anderson Construction, one of the biggest independent contractors employed by Penn State) secured financing to build a $125 million luxury retirement community in 2002.

Paterno was also partnered with that team of investors in developing a golf resort and nearby restaurant and inn. Paterno also partnered with other current and former Second Mile board members on a bottled water company, a coaching website and a chain of convenience stores.

Pinnacle Development, one-half of the developer team that built The Village at Penn State, included Paterno, Poole, William Schreyer—a Penn State trustee whose daughter is a longtime board member of The Second Mile—and local developer Philip Sieg.

Each partner stood to make an estimated $590,000 in fees and 15 percent annual interest on an $125,000 initial investment if the project was successful enough to get funding for a second phase.

It wasn't. The Village's nonprofit owner filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday. The filing indicated that Pinnacle was never repaid its initial investment, and that $18.8 million was owed to residents who moved out and demanded refunds on their entrance fees.
JoePa pimping the Village at Penn State

And if that's not enough, another thread can be added into this tangled web of lies and deceit. Amos Goodall, of Goodall  Yurchakm, the former law firm of District judge Leslie Dutchcot, who initially failed to recuse herself from the Sandusky case, despite her ties to Second Mile, represented Ray Gricar's sister, to declare Gricar dead. On top of that, Goodall's son, Christian committed suicide

Is it any wonder that in 2007, then-President Graham Spanier vigorously fought a proposed expansion to the Open Records Law for Penn State and the other state-related schools, citing concerns about privacy to donors, compensation packages for staff and issues of intellectual property rights, among other reasons?


Trustees review invites scrutiny


Anonymous,  21:56  

If anyone thinks Sandusky is thee lone predator, who, if put away, will put an end to this horror, think again.

Sandusky had/has plenty of enablers, who, if you really think about it, are the true villains here. Because any so-called normal person who knowingly allows predators like him to stalk their prey in order to protect their profits is worse than the actual psycho who may or may not even be able to control his evil doings...or is so far removed from reality, that he doesn't see anything wrong with what he's doing.

Predators will always be with us. That's a given. However, they are far far fewer in number in comparison to the # of normal people - hence the use of the word normal.

Therefore, it's our job to protect the vulnerable from these dastardly folk. But, when "normal" people choose profit over protecting the vulnerable...it doesn't get anymore evil than that.

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