Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA Supporters Distribute and Encourage File-Sharing Software Use for Pirating Copyrighted Material

Mike Mozart (see video below) of Jeepers Media discovered that the very same people who are complaining about copyright infringement, who want to impose SOPA, establishing gestapo like powers over the Internet, are the very same people who distribute file-sharing software! Why? So, they can sue you, of course.

Not only that, Hollywood is inflating piracy figures to push SOPA, and the lesser known PIPA, to censor "we the people" without due process, while cutting President Obama off from further funding, for supposedly refusing to pander. It's an election year after all.

Then there is Orin Hatch, whose INDUCE Act of 2004 set out to "illegalize anything that might make you more likely to infringe copyright. It's written in such overly broad language that you can't tell whether it would outlaw the iPod, tape recorders, libraries, the Internet, or just technology in general. After all, one could argue that all of these have made people more likely to commit copyright infringement".

The bottom line is that, per usual, We the People are made out to be the enemy, when, in reality, it's the infinitely rapacious elite - in this case, the Hollywood moguls and media corporations - employing the Hegelian Dialectic, once again. Problem, reaction, solution.

MGM vs Grokster Copyright Ruling: "We hold that one who "DISTRIBUTES" a "DEVICE" with the object of "PROMOTING" its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is "LIABLE" for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties." . . . . . . . Regardless of the device's non-infringing uses.
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Anonymous,  03:25  

If SOPA passes, boycott Hollywood and the entire mainstream media.

I actually hope Hollywood goes down in flames.

Anonymous,  03:50  

Sumner Redstone's Media empire distributed over 250,000,000 copies of LimeWire, 325,000,000 copies of KaZaa and 100,000,000 copies of Morpheus. He promoted these offerings for years with actual copyrighted material, and now wants to cash in.

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