Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Afghan War: Heroin Increase From 185 Tons a Year to 5,800 Tons

Two wars are being fought simultaneously in Afghanistan: the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror". Both wars, a "harvest of hypocrisy".  Not only are we losing the "war on drugs", opium - the crop used to make heroin and other drugs - production by Afghan farmers rose between 2001 and 2011 from just 185 tons to a staggering 5,800 tons. That's 3200%! The latest UN figures indicate that the output of heroin increased by 61% in Afghanistan, last year, alone, despite claims that we invaded Afghanistan to curb the production of drugs.

Ironically, the Taliban had overseen a significant fall in heroin production in the months before the invasion. Their leader Mullah Mohammed Omar - collaborating with the UN - had decreed that growing poppies was un-Islamic, resulting in one of the world's most successful anti-drug campaigns.

As a result of this ban, opium poppy cultivation was reduced by 91 per cent from the previous year's estimate of 82,172 hectares.

The ban was so effective that Helmand Province, which had accounted for more than half of this production, recorded no poppy cultivation during the 2001 season.
You see, the US wants and needs a nonstop war on drugs abroad as an excuse to invade countries they seek to control for geostrategic purposes. That is the real, but hidden agenda of the international war on drugs. In other words, failure = success.


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