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The Subliminal Influence of Disney: A Bastion of Family and Social Values?

Disney, as an entertainment institution, began in the 1920s spanning a time period close to a century. That's a long time when you consider that the Disney films have been a mainstay in the social, moral, intellectual, and even spiritual influences subliminally transmitted to billions of people.  Yes, the picture to your left is an example of that transmission of moral purity .

Few Amer­i­can icons have come to be asso­ci­ated with whole­some, vir­tu­ous images as Walt Dis­ney.The Disney empire spans across the classic cartoons, television shows, books, toys, baby apparel, music, video games, art, decor, etc. We have the Disney Channel, Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone Pictures, Touchstone Television, Hollywood Records, Hyperion Books, Hyperion Books for Children, Disney Press, Capital Cities/ABC, Pixar Animation, and television stations like A&E, Lifetime, History Channel, and ESPN...Disneyland, Walt Disney World, EPCOT Center, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Resort Paris, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, Tokyo Disney Sea, and Disney Cruise ships.

So, is Disney really the bastion of family and social values?

note window in background

Early Disney (Personally, I think this film goes a little too far in its commentary, and even in its examples; however, there is no question that Disney ain't what it portrays itself to be):

The rest of the installments can be found here.

And the not so subliminal:


6 Classic Disney Animated Wartime Propaganda Cartoons [Stuff to Watch]

Disney Pedophiles


Anonymous,  15:46  

What I don't understand is why Disney employees don't speak out regarding the underground world of tunnels. Maybe it's just that I don't know anyone who has worked for Disney, but I would think it would be talked about a lot more with all his employees

Anonymous,  16:52  

I totally agree that pedophilia, and racism, and god knows what else underlies the Disney institution. That segment with the little girl and the Disney animator is beyond creepy, but some of his other examples are not pedophilia like the clip with Danny Glover.

Anyway, this guy cracks me up.

"Pedo-Disney families"

"Pedophilic baseball"

...and the best one: "oral image projecting cube". From now on I'm going to call TV the "oral image projecting cube", LOL!

hazel_nut,  17:18  


So any family that sits down to watch a Disney film is a pedo-Disney-family unit, and the parents, if they sit down to watch, are participating in a psycho subliminal pedophilic parent/child/rapist experience? A subliminal rapist? Really?

And the dude narrating sounds like Samuel Jackson. WTF?

Roth's stepchild 17:44  

LOL, he does sound a little like Samuel Jackson, but I doubt Jackson would narrate something so anti-Hollywood/entertainment, even though it's entertaining in and of itself...something he obviously does not want considering entertainment is a one-way ticket to hell. Oh, the irony!

I did not watch the entire documentary before I posted it...that'll teach me. No doubt this documentary defeats its purpose due to its severe view of entertainment. WAY OVER THE TOP!

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