Saturday, April 07, 2012

If Fukushima Fuel Pool #4's Collapses it Could Mean Global Catastrophe.

A former Japan Ambassador warned a government committee of “a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced” if No. 4 collapses. Common spent fuel pool with 6,375 fuel rods in jeopardy “would affect us all for centuries.” Yet, the governing class doesn't seem all that concerned. Is it possible they have the technology to deactivate or reverse radiation? I know Brown's gas can neutralize radiation, however, unless you want to destroy whatever it is that you are neutralizing, it's highly impractical.

Most materials are radioactive because the electrons have been stripped off the molecules; the nucleus then ejects particles of various kinds (radioactivity) to try to 'balance' the 'weight' (and transmute to a lighter, glasslike, material). Somehow, the molecules are able to use the special energy in the BG to complete this transmutation in seconds (instead of millennia), when the material is molten and given the shock of the thermite explosion.

So it's impractical to use BG, as far as I know, on anything that you don't want to destroy. The BG 'explodes' the material and does the neutralization during the explosion. You need to affect the material on an atomic level to neutralize the radioactivity.

Also it's impractical to use BG on any material that isn't concentrated radioactive. It takes electrical power to make the BG, plus quantities of iron and aluminum to make the explosive reaction.

Thus, BG works well to neutralize CONCENTRATED nuclear waste, like spent fuel rods or decommissioned warheads, but practically useless at remediation of radioactive materials that have dispersed into the general environment.

BG has been proven (Canada government certified tests) to be an extremely effective, practical and inexpensive method to neutralize the radioactivity of materials generally produced by nuclear powerplants. The neutralization can be done onsite, eliminating the need for transportation and storage of nuclear waste.
According to the Blue Commission Report a fuel assembly contains over 6,000 fuel assemblies and 140,000 fuel rods.


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