Thursday, June 07, 2012

Conformity: the Ideal System for the Psychopath.

Mike Cross, author of Freedom from Conscience - Melanie's Journey discusses psychopaths and their relation to politics, society and personal relationships.  Referencing the Nordic model of government and society Cross talks about how conformity within a society as an ideal system for the psychopath.  He compares the politician's psychopathy to arrested development.

In ancient days psychopaths arose and would cause wars of conquest. A symbiotic relationship was created between normals and these people. If a society crushed another then at least some of the spoils of war (land, women, etc.) was given to the victors while the psychopath took his or her share of the best of the loot. Nowadays that relationship still exists but the American public is getting the raw end of the deal while the psychopaths in politics and corporations are taking it all. Not such a good deal anymore but when the psychopaths control the media and can create the message...


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