Monday, June 25, 2012

The True Welfare Queen.

Tintern Abbey in Wales is also part of the Crown Estate.
Does the Queen of England deserve a 16% hike, while the rest of the world faces increasing austerity measures? Well, does she?

After all, she has a tough job. She has to wave to crowds of adoring peasants and occasionally cut a ribbon or two. Not to mention, she employs people to do things like break in her new shoes, document and name her outfits, stir her tea, and wipe her...well, you get the point.
The Queen’s income will receive a boost next year after record profits from her lucrative Crown Estate property empire.

Controversial changes made last year tying Royal Family funding to Crown Estate profits means the Queen and royal household will be entitled to a 16 per cent hike in their official duties grant - to £36million from next April, up from £31million this year.

The rise follows the Government’s move last year to scrap the Civil List and link funding for the royals to profits from the Crown Estate, as part of a new sovereign grant.

The royal household is entitled to 15 per cent of profits from the Crown Estate - which belongs to the nation and includes a host of historic properties, such as Regent Street in the West End of London, Windsor Park, Royal Ascot and most of Britain’s coastline.

Figures for the Crown Estate reveal the portfolio enjoyed the best performance in its history, with profits rising to £240million in the year to March 31 from £231million the year before.


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