Sunday, July 22, 2012

Criminalizing Poverty While Rewarding Banksters, Gangsters and Thugs

The 2008 global financial collapse exposed our parasitic financial "casino" system that hugely profits off the backs of we, the people for the exclusive benefit of global elite/international banksters. However, many still do not realize the criminal nature of the entire financial system.  People fail to realize that the grisly drug- and gang-related violence in Mexico responsible for the death of at least 50,-60,000 Mexicans is allowed to occur simply because it  lines the already lined pockets of the wealthiest people in the world. People fail to realize that being poor, or unemployed, is a crime in and of itself.  The recent resurgence of debtor's prison (legal in one-third states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin) for the victims of these elitist perpetrators, who, despite their heinously criminal behavior, continue to enjoy record breaking profits of their crimes, gives full expression to the Orwellian society we now inhabit.

This ACLU report presents the results of a yearlong investigation into modern-day "debtors' prisons," and shows that poor defendants are being jailed at increasingly alarming rates for failing to pay legal debts they can never hope to afford. The report details how across the country, in the face of mounting budget deficits, states are more aggressively going after poor people who have already served their criminal sentences. These modern-day debtors' prisons impose devastating human costs, waste taxpayer money and resources, undermine our criminal justice system, are racially skewed, and create a two-tiered system of justice.
So, between the LIBOR scandal and the HSBC scandal, the political class has its hands full keeping Pandora's box from fully opening to reveal its, uglier than anyone can possibly imagine, contents. They do this by transforming Pandora's box into an easily resolved "problem" that occurs in a sealed vacuum, of course, never revealing that this "problem" is deeply entrenched in the system.

In the case of laundering billions in  drug cartel money by HSBC, the HSBC compliance boss quits during  US Senate subcommittee . Part two, here. Problem resolved, or so the American public believes. In other words, the ruling class exposes only a very small tip of a giant systemic iceberg, making you believe that the problem is being resolved.  Meanwhile, the money laundering of billions, perhaps, even trillions, continues without missing a beat. 

In the book, World Banking World Fraud: Using Your Identity, author and former employee of HSBC, John Cruz exposes how major banks launder large sums of money through their bank and avoid detection.  He learned of  massive fraud and money laundering at the highest levels.


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