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Veterans Stabbed in the Back with Secret Code Numbers that Stigmatize.

Every veteran knows what a DD-214 - discharge papers - is; it's their passport to civil life. However, it's the rare veteran who knows what a "spin code" - a false & stigmatizing secret coded number - is, of which, a veteran only has 5 years from the time of discharge, to correct (5-year statute of limitations).  But, how can one correct something they don't know exists? Moreover, why is it vital for veterans to know, and correct if wrong? Read on, and/or watch the video below.

What is the SPN/SDN (Separation Program Number) # or "spin code"? After 1980, SPN-123 changed to alphabetical, (SPD-XYZ).

On June 11, 1956, the D.O.D. ordered the military departments to begin putting a coded number on DD-214 document, which potential employers, name it, access for reference.  The code is assigned to every veteran upon being discharged from military service. This code number can say very derogatory things such as: "bed-wetter", "paranoid schizophrenic", "repeated VD", "character and behavior disorders", "unsanitary habits", "unsatisfactory handling of personal affairs" etc. despite the number of medals awarded, or that a veteran has an honorable discharge.  One of the most popular codes was SPN-265 or SDN-265, which says, unsuitability, character & behavior disorders.

"There were 5 main categories; unsuitability, unfitness, misconduct, homosexual, or, any reason based upon mental or moral issues. Then under each category, they piled on a bunch of numbers and meanings. i.e. SPN-384, Drug Abuse, Marijuana or Heroin. And get this, those veterans who signed up for "DRUG AMNESTY" you got a code number, got no amnesty!"
These secret code numbers that classified veterans, branding, or black-listing a large segment of former military veterans from bank loans, employment, life insurance policies, etc., not to mention, a system that sets up dummy accounts to siphon of (steal billions of dollars) into hidden slush funds, despite the courts declaring it illegal, is still in practice today.  Our government is above the law, obviously.

The list to interpret these code numbers were/are distributed throughout corporate America, and corporations do not look past that code number when determining whether a veteran is eligible for employment.

Why are there are so many homeless Vietnam veterans, in particular? In the 1960s, 8 out of 10 veterans had a derogatory code on their DD-214. As of 1977, nearly 20 million veterans had a coded number.

Who? Why? How? Where? When? 

Who? Edwin H. Crosby III (tells his amazing story in the video below), accidentally stumbled upon this scheme while watching Walter Cronkite deliver the news in 1974. Why?  He found out that even though he had an honorable discharge, he was falsely stigmatized as "unsatisfactory handling of personal affairs". Where? How? He filed lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court, N.D. N.Y. Syracuse in January 1976, amended March 1976. This lawsuit had to do with false and stigmatizing coded number placed upon his person without his knowledge, known as a SPN code. Lawsuit went to U.S. Supreme Court on Special Order A-393 (that is the 393rd special order since this nation started)

Crosby has met with then Senator Joe Biden, and  Senator John McCain. McCain, after promising to look into the matter, never did.  In fact, he literally ran away from Crosby when he went to his office, in person, to question McCain's refusal to do what he had promised.

Almost 40-years later, he is still fighting the battle to not only expose this fraud, but to correct this egregious injustice. Thanks to an April 2007 video, shortly thereafter, the V.A. admitted to shredding millions of documents at 42 of 57 Regional Offices.

Currently, Crosby has filed another lawsuit against the VA
On JUNE 28, 2012, in U.S. District Court, Boise, Idaho, a lawsuit was re-filed per U.S. 9th Circuit request. (case No: 12-330-CV LMB) This is a class action lawsuit against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS, and, SECRETARY of VETERANS AFFAIRS ERIC K. SHINSEKI.

The Complaint alludes to the following; Deprivation of Civil Rights, Intentional Infliction of Emotional and Physical Distress, Deprivation of Due Process and Tampering with, Obfuscation of Official Records, and, Defamation of Character, Libel, Slander, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death.

In a nut shell, any Veteran who has had trouble with the V.A. Medical System or, the numerous V.A. Regional Offices may JOIN this lawsuit. In less than one(1) month, we have had well over 100 JOIN. Clearly, we welcome those widows who have lost a husband via “ wrongful death “ at the hands of V.A. Medical Personnel.

For those interested in READING the full legal brief, you may go to this LINK; whereupon said BRIEF is right on the front page of this website for ALL veterans and concerned citizens to view.
If you want to join the lawsuit, download the Joinder Notice here.

Make three copies, keep one for your records, sign two copies in the presence of a notary and send the two notarized copies to the address on the form.  Read over the lawsuit carefully and start to gather the evidence for your own part of the case.

Any vet with a general or better discharge who is service-connected with the VA or who has filed a claim in the past for service connection has good cause to join in this action.


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