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The Louis Freeh Whitewash on Sandusky.

In November, 2011, I posted about cover-up specialist, Louis Free and his close connection to MBNA, and Penn State. It appears his "investigation" is complete. However, what Louis Freeh's 267-page report on the "facts and circumstances of the actions of The PSU surrounding the child abuse committed by former employee, Gerald Sandusky," doesn't say, speaks louder than what it does say, and that is: Sandusky is not the only pedophile involved in this scandal.  Not even close.

The big unanswered question here is the extraordinary length of time it took - over a decade - for government agencies/institutions to do anything to stop Sandusky. If anything, they blatantly encouraged him. . Aside from Freeh failing to investigate why, then, Attorney General Tom Corbett, did not want to pursue Sandusky pedophile case, and the missing Second Mile files from 2000-2003, three York County PA judges - Renn, Linebaugh, and Musti Cook - concealed complaints of courthouse pedophile ring involving Wantz and Attorney Larry Heim, and the longstanding allegations that Corbett Administration security provider Russell Wantz, Jr. has ongoing close ties to a prostitution and pedophile ring centered in and around the York County courthouse.

Sex offender Wantz, of York County, was arrested in a Craigslist sting in December 2007, by Swatara Township police. In 2009, Wantz was granted an ARD by Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico. At the time Marsico refused to investigate Wantz further.

Wantz is the owner of the Schaad Detective Agency of York. Schaad holds multi-million dollar security contracts with the administration of Gov. Tom Corbett. Schaad guards sensitive state complexes such as the PennDot headquarters in Harrisburg.
Moreover, what about the suspicious disappearance of Ray Gricar, Dist. Attorney of Centre County? Or, the apparent "suicide" of assistant U.S. attorney, Jonathan Luna,  Both were working on sex crimes that traced to high visibility politicians.  Luna was stabbed 32 times, with defensive stab wounds on his hands? I don't know about you, but I can't imagine it's easy to stab yourself 32 times, yet the FBI maintains that his death was due to a suicide.  In both cases, the FBI seems to be either covering something up, or severely incompetent. 

From the 2005 article, Dead DAs Don't Lie: Ray Gricar, Drugs and Pedophilia, Bill Keisling points out the similarities between the two cases:
At the time of their disappearances, both prosecutors were involved in high-stakes heroin cases.
* The drug suppliers in both cases were from the New York city area.
* Both men disappeared on car rides, while they were alone.
* Both men vanished without their cell phones. Luna's cell phone was found on his desk, while Gricar's was in his car. This seems to indicate misplaced trust, or perhaps a sudden interruption that called them away from their routine or expected activites.
* Gricar's laptop, police say, is missing. Luna's laptop was found on his desk at work. At the time of Luna's death, Lancaster County, PA, coroner Barry Walp suggested that some of the 36 stab wounds inflicted on Luna's body appeared to have perhaps been intended to make him talk. "You would think they were perhaps after information from the guy when you see something like this," Coroner Walp told a local paper in December 2003. Gricar's disappearance follows on the heels of a widely distributed DVD titled, "Stop Snitching," in which retaliation is promised for those cooperating with drug prosecutions.
* Both Luna and Gricar seem to have set out, for reasons unknown, perhaps to predetermined, out-of-the-way destinations, as if on a rendezvous with someone they trusted. Phone records apparently offer no clues. Or, both men may have been waylaid by a stalker or stalkers; Luna, driving home, and Gricar, while shopping for antiques.
* The press coverage of both disappearances also bear striking similarities. Unreliable or illogical sightings may offer false clues.
* Both men were subjected to unlikely suicide theories in the press.
Suicide theories floated in Gricar case, and other cases
And then there is the neglect of the media to mention the parallels between Penn State and the Hershey School pedophile scandal, not to mention, the self-enrichment at the top to indefensible policy and resource-use decisions:

* Years of inaction by the authorities.

* Governor Tom Corbett (then Attorney General) sitting on his hands.

* A child predator remaining at large after local police and MHS administrators inexplicably closed an ongoing investigation.

* Tolerance of unacceptable leadership conduct.

From the Phila Inquirer on the Hershey School perpetrator:
"Although he was not arrested until 2008, Koons was brought to the attention of the school and the Derry Township police in the late 1990s when the mother of a former student said in an affidavit that her son had been molested in the 1980s. A police and school investigation was launched in 1998 but abandoned without explanation in April 1999. Koons was eventually nabbed by the police in Middletown Borough."
The bottom line is that powerful, wealthy, and politically connected people - the protected class - build systems to shield them from the consequences of their actions, no matter how heinous those actions are.

Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network


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