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Is The Island of Dr. Moreau a Reality?

In 1896, H. G. Wells wrote the novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau about a shipwrecked man rescued by a passing boat who is left on the island home of Doctor Moreau, who creates sentient beings from animals via vivisection. 100 years later it was made into a movie. 10 years later, it's become a reality.  This man obviously possessed an amazing sense of things to come, because almost 120 years later, it is certain that the island in Wells imagination, if it doesn't exist already, will exist in the near future.

In 2009, reuters asked the following questions in an article entitled, Scientists want debate on animals with human genes.

"A mouse that can speak? A monkey with Down's Syndrome? Dogs with human hands or feet? British scientists want to know if such experiments are acceptable, or if they go too far in the name of medical research.
Two years later, The Academy of Medical Sciences is calling for an international regulatory commission to oversee the creations they call Animals Containing Human Material (ACHM). Included within the ACHM classification are non-human primates (NHP). In other words, human-hybrids.

This report claims that "such approaches are long established" and that "thousands of different ACHM been used in biomedical research."  Furthermore, they claim, ACHM are used to study human biological functions or disease that cannot be accurately modeled; where experiments using humans are considered infeasible or considered unethical; and where modification of an animal's body makes it more closely represent that of a human."  The report concludes that the majority of ACHM research does not pose ethical or regulatory difficulties, but identifies 3 areas that will need careful oversight in future:
  • Modification of an animal’s brain which might lead to human-like cognition;
  • Changing an animal so it has human appearance or characteristics (e.g. skin, facial or limb features, speech); and the
  • Development of human-derived sperm or eggs in an animal (especially if fertilization may occur).
The day after this study was published,  the Daily Mail reported on two of the tens of thousands of laboratories around the world conducting these types of experiments in secret.
"Scientists in British labs have created over 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in the past three years, which has caused concern that led to a call for major oversight from the Academy of Medical Sciences over animals containing human materials (ACHM).
Justifying these experiments with "cures for everything" is at the very least, disingenuous, when not only hasn't there been cures for anything in the last century, the rate of disease has increased 4000%. More than likely, the reason has much more to do with engineering the super soldier.

DARPA has millions of dollars allocated toward editing the DNA of our soldiers on the battlefield. From Darpa’s Lab-Grown Blood to turning humans into batteries to bullet-proof skin created using "goat's milk packed with spider-silk proteins, according to news reports. Their hope is that they can eventually replace the keratin in human skin -- which makes it tough -- with the spider-silk proteins."  Well, it just so happens that scientists are discovering a plausible explanation for the clinical and microscopic findings in Morgellons disease is connected to the hyper production of keratin.  Could it be that Morgellons is the result of the pentagon's endeavor to make human skin bullet-proof? Can you imagine what will happen should they re-engineer human skin  using genes from goats and spiders?  Why not? In 2010, DARPA invested over $6 million in order to create “synthetic organismsthat can live forever — or can be killed with the flick of a molecular switch.

From Timenolonger:
Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous who authored Brave New World, first used this word: Transhumanism. Huxley was a member of the British Eugenics Society, eugenics being the foundation of Transhumanism.

Eugenics is a science dedicated to a Darwinist philosophy applied to humanity, that the strong should thrive and evolve, while the weak are culled and eradicated.

Eugenics rests on a necessity of there being superior and inferior genetic pools in the human population. It might be very socially unacceptable to speak publicly of there being some races, ethnic or cultural groups who are inferior to the rest, yet in secrecy this is exactly what elite Eugenicists believe.

The public is guided to love the idea of Transhumanism by being persuaded that it is not a goal attached to race or ethnicity, but simply a means of bettering all of humanity. This is quite untrue.

Elite Transhumanists have no desire to “evolve” all humankind, their goal is one which seeks to advance only their own bloodlines and to leave the rest in disadvantage to them so that these unfortunate ones have no choice but to become their slaves, their lab animals and their labor force.
“The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore… they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilisation.” - Julian Huxley
The elite, as they are wrongly called, are blood relations of one another, descending from the hybrid tyrants who ruled in result of this same Transhumanist philosophy pre-flood.


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