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Profit and Politics of Genocide in Central Africa.

What is the real agenda of AFRICOM? Is there a massive loss of life in central Africa orchestrated by western powers? Are Bono, Ben Affleck, and CFR members: Angelina Jolie and George Clooney (Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP)) really the good guys they purport to be? Or merely propaganda tools used in an effort to legitimize the U.S. military’s AFRICOM unit in the region through “humanitarian” interventions?

Keith Harmon Snow, now an independent journalist, after working as a researcher/consultant and investigator of war crimes, human rights and genocide for the United Nations, Genocide Watch and Survivors Rights International--who will never work for the "system" again because he dared to expose what lurks behind the establishment narrative--says there is a massive loss of life in central Africa orchestrated by western powers, that Washington’s corporate interests--vast potential wealth in mining, agricultural commodities and oil--are hidden behind “humanitarian interventions,” and let's not forget, "promoting freedom and democracy." The US has recently invaded Libya, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan. Next up: Mali.

A 2010 UN report charged Rwanda’s army with “committing atrocities that could be classified as crimes of genocide,” backing up a report that came out in 1997. Although, keep in mind, the aforementioned "leaked" U.N. Report on Atrocities in Congo 1993-2003 is a major whitewash of western interests and their involvement in brutalization and mass murder of nearly ten million in the Congo. The primary violence in the Congo began in 1996 with the invasion of the U.S. supporting these forces

In fact, the genocide in the mineral rich Congo is the deliberate result of American and British policy. Since 1996, almost 10 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been slaughtered by Rwandan and Ugandan mercenaries, financed and protected by the United States and Great Britain. Why? The plundering of Congo’s mineral resources in order to sell to multinational corporations, most of them based in the United States and Europe.

Moreover, there is a new, but deceptive, drive to end hunger in Africa through large-scale agribusiness. Needless to say, helping poor households in rural Africa feed themselves in an affordable manner is not the goal. Corporate interests have hijacked African food and agricultural policy.

"These companies and foreign governments are primarily interested in producing food for export. Their interventions have done little to improve household food security amongst poor Zambians.

It is time we realised that, amid all the fanfare for a new green revolution in Africa, and the upsurge in donor and corporate interest in African agricultural production, the best way to address food insecurity for the poor — emphasising access and not production — has regressed. Why? The big money, for input providers, agro-processors and traders, is in building more capital-intensive and market-integrated African farming systems. There is little to no profit to be made from eradicating hunger.
The politics of genocide, genocide accusation, genocide denial, and genocide inflation are very important concepts to understand before you can truly grasp the reality of genocide. Then, we can challenge, for example, the officially sanctioned narrative in Rwanda. The people of Central Africa continue to suffer under brutal terrorism. We should be asking: who are the real victims and who are the real criminals, and what really happened in Rwanda? What is happening now in the Democratic Republic of Congo? The genocide that keeps on going, without end in sight.

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