Sunday, December 16, 2012

Aurora, Sandy Hook and The Dark Knight Rises

Update  12/18/12:

George Freund at Conspiracy Cafe discovered that there are 28 marks on the map. One for each victim? Another coincidence, I'm sure.

From Gotham City Archives

"WORSE STILL: There were 6 adult staff murdered. There are SIX squares to the left of Strike Zone 4. There were 20 children murdered. Twelve were girls. Eight were boys. There are 7 circles around Strike Zone 4 and five to the right of Strike Zone 3. That makes 12 girls. The other circles are dotted lines. There are EIGHT one for each boy. Strike Zone 1 would be the Lanza home. There is a red circle around a blue square. The Lanza home was blue. Nancy was killed there. To the left of Strike Zone 1 is a square with a dotted line around it for Adam. It is the EXACT death toll and combination. THIS IS MORE THAN EERIE! - George Freund


"Key image" in The Dark Knight Rises Viral Package Credit: Warner Bros.
The following excerpt is from an article taken from the blog, Alternate Takes.  It was published on July 25, 2012, obviously well in advance of the tragic shooting  at Sandy Hook Elementary School that occurred in Connecticut on Friday.  
"The key image in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is not the tattered American flags or the exploding football field. It’s an image that circulated in viral marketing months before the film’s release - Bane’s ‘strike zones’, circled on a map of Gotham City  [notice Sandy Hook in the picture of the map above]. The package, sent out to key websites in December 2011, reappeared in The Dark Knight Rises, as Detective John Blake studied it for clues. ‘I don’t know anything about civil engineering,’ he protests. Jim Gordon reassures him. ‘But you know about patterns.’

The Dark Knight Rises - the entire Dark Knight trilogy - is about patterns. It’s about networks. It’s about matrices, links, dialogues, nodes on a map. It’s about echoes between those terms, and the way those terms define themselves in relation to each other, and can shift, and change places. It’s not just as a comment on capitalism that Bane’s men raid a stock exchange, and Bruce ponders the trades they were making.

Just as Batman Begins (2005) suggested that Scarecrow’s use of fear as a weapon was no different from Batman’s, and The Dark Knight (2008) ramped up the stakes by asking what, if anything, separated Batman’s counter-terror measures from Joker’s terror, so The Dark Knight Rises is about the fragility of definitions, the limits of structures, the illusion of binary oppositions."
Screen shot from Dark Knight Rises
What's more, 1 hour 58 minutes and  41 seconds into "Dark Knight Rises" the "Sandy Hook" map (left) appears. As the character, Gordon points to the words, "Sandy Hook", he says, "figure out how to bring it down." It's very clear in the Blue-Ray version.

And one more coincidence.  In the beginning of the movie, as the camera pans across the Shangai skyline, the  Aurora (Aurora movie theater shooting) logo appears on top of the Aurora Plaza, which is a 185 m high skyscraper in the Pudong financial district of Shanghai, China.

I'm sure most will dismiss  these events as chance occurrences, and maybe they are, but you have to admit, it's a little strange.


Sherlock,  14:31  

Okay, let me give you a rough--from what I've gathered--timeline of events and some problems with the official story. Remember the principal tweeted, "It's a beautiful day for a DRILL today."

9:10 - Pledge of Allegiance

9:15 - Doors locked.

*****conflicting stories*******

9:15 - The latest is a person shoots out window, reinforced with wire, to enter. Another witness said he was banging on the door. And initially the story was that he was buzzed in, masked, in military attire, with at least 2 guns, at most, 4, in addition to a shitload of ammo.
Keep in mind, every teacher, every student that saw the shooter(s) is now dead. No witnesses of anyone who saw the shooter(s).

9:15 (give or take a few minutes) - the shooting starts. 3-11 hits per child. 911 is called.

9:30 (give or take a few minutes) First police call says "there is another shooter," and that they've gone behind the school to find the shooter. Video shows police hovering over suspect "prone on the ground," in the woods, and another suspect handcuffed on the ground in the parking lot.

24 hours later, maybe even 48 hours later according to some reports, the bodies were still in the school.

They will not release the closed camera footage, probably never will.

Conveniently, the mother and supposedly, shooter son, are dead.

Anonymous,  18:28  

Well I would say that's a rap???Or as far we will ever know NOW everybody please hand over your weapons

Anonymous,  22:14  

Wanna think about something really crazy?

"Strike Zone 1" was "Sandy Hook".

"Strike Zone 2" was right outside of "fort CLINTON".

Guess which Secretary of State fainted early last week and suffered a concussion from the fall?

Anonymous,  01:37  

There is another coincidence that tells me this is not a random act. December 14th, in relation to the Sandy Hook tragedy and the Batman film, is the feast day of St. John of the Cross, who wrote a famous book called THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. These unholy people who work for their unholy master have the gall to use the name and experiences of a faithful and humble servant of God for their negative and evil energies.

I believe St. John's is also on the map.

"St. John, after tasting the first sweets of holy contemplation, found himself deprived of all sensible devotion. This spiritual dryness was followed by interior trouble of mind, scruples, and a disrelish of spiritual exercises, which yet he was careful never to forsake. The devils, at the same time, assaulted him with violent temptations, and men persecuted him by calumnies. But the most terrible of all these pains was that of scrupulosity and interior desolation, in which he seemed to see hell open ready to swallow him up. He describes admirably what a soul feels in this trial in his book called "The Obscure Night." This state of interior desolation contemplative souls, in some degree or other, first pass through before their hearts are prepared to receive the communication of God's special graces. By it our saint obtained a perfect poverty and nakedness of spirit, freed from all the refined passions of self-love, and an excellent conformity to the holy will of God, which can only be built on the destruction of self-will, a heroic patience, and a courageous perseverance. After some time, certain rays of light, comfort, and divine sweetness scattered these mists and translated the soul of the servant of God into a paradise of interior delights and heavenly sweetness. This was again succeeded by another more grievous trial of spiritual darkness which spread itself over his soul, accompanied with interior pains and temptations, in which God seemed to have forsaken him, and to have become deaf to his sighs and tears. So violent was his sorrow in this state of privation, that it seemed he must have died of grief if God had not supported him by his grace. In the calm which followed this terrible tempest he was wonderfully repaid in divine comforts."

Mr.MK,  02:54  

The movie industry is notorious for coding their films with future events. Movies are the perfect tool of the mind controller and foreshadowing future events. Not only do you have the victim captive in a darkened room, you have them submitting their every sense for a sustained time period. I personally believe this is the reason for the unnecessary increase in the lengths of big hollywood movies lately. With movies the possibilities for mind control are endless. Not only do the visual cues, colours and specific flashing light patterns play a huge part but there is also the use of sound to consider. This is not only the use of words but the use of sound effects and deep bass frequencies possible in cinemas which could also contain encoded information.

Anonymous,  08:23  

Adam Lanza is reported to have been Gothic. It's not out of the question that he might want to see a Dark Knight movie. Imagine if he had even received one of these "Viral Packages" for the Dark Knight or possibly even seen the map. Maybe he watched the movie and saw the map and the Sandy Hook reference.

Maybe the map is evidence of the psychic ability of the person who created it. And maybe it was the trigger to set off Adam Lanza. It's one of those circular paradoxes; the map was created by the shooting, which was caused by the map.

Anonymous,  17:30  

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Anonymous,  17:29  

Anonymous @ 08:23, the problem with this, "Maybe the map is evidence of the psychic ability of the person who created it. And maybe it was the trigger to set off Adam Lanza. It's one of those circular paradoxes; the map was created by the shooting, which was caused by the map" no-one can ask...lanza's dead and SO'S the propman who put the words sandy hook on the map in the first place...oh, and another interesting little side note....? Said propman lived in NEWTOWN...his kids went to that school district....ironic, huh? Here was my FB post when I found this out.... TAKE A MOMENT TO DIGEST THIS......JUST ONE MORE CONNECTION BETWEEN SANDY HOOK AND THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.....I WONDER IF THIS HAS HIT ANYONE THAT SCOTT GETZINGER, prop designer on the Dark Knight Rises, LIKELY HAD KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE SANDY HOOK REFERENCE ON THE VIRAL PACKAGE AND THE GOTHAM MAP IN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? :0


State police initially characterized his injuries as non-life threatening....he had broken bones but was conscious and alert....he was transported to the hospital and later died.

Here is the article of his accident....also, of note, the girl who was driving the other vehicle....HER father, Stephen Orteig, is a member of the U.N. Committee of New Canaan:

Here is the recent video of his wife, Susan McGuinness Getzinger, addressing the Bipartisan Task Force Public Safety Hearing entitled Gun Violence Prevention & Children's Safety:

Anonymous,  06:32  

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SwordofCreation 19:26  
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SwordofCreation 19:29  

Bug Fix:
Here's a numerology/qabalah coup de gras and this is NOT spam like the aspole above!
01:58:41 This was LIKELY 57 not 58!

:57=(12) or 1+2(3) =Sex Magic

01+3(4)=Pi Inversion=Lilith Queen of the Jews

:41=4+1(5) This is what the "Spock Salute" meant and points to Solomons Temple.

This what one calls the Qabalah 3-4-5 Ritual!

See #TC33 Videos on Youtube for a complete breakdown of the Pi MENorah 666 crap!

"What's more, 1 hour 58 minutes and 41 seconds into "Dark Knight Rises" the "Sandy Hook" map (left) appears. As the character, Gordon points to the words, "Sandy Hook", "

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