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Norman Dodd
A few years ago I blogged about the "deliberate dumbing down of America" and I included congressional investigator (Reece Committee) Norman Dodd's interview that exposed the charitable trusts and tax-exempt foundation's hidden agenda toward the acceptance of global government based on the principles of socialism which is to be ruled from behind the scenes by those same interests which control the foundations.  This interview includes such a wealth of information that I thought I'd post it again, adding to it, some background of what led up to the Reece Committee, and additional information and links.

Some background:

After America had freed the world--winning WWII, that is--by 1950, Eastern Europe and China had fallen to communism.  But a U.S. senate investigative committee found that General Chiang Kai-shek had virtually won the civil war against communist China, and was very much committed to creating a democratic form of government. So what happened?  Well, the American State Department decided that's not what they wanted and demanded that Chiang Kai-shek form a coalition with the Chinese communists. He refused. So the American State department put an arms embargo on China and saw to it that Chiang Kai-shek did not get the weapons he already purchased. Not only that, his efforts at buying weapons elsewhere were blocked by the State Department.

From the Institution of Pacific Relations Report
"The guiding and influencing of [Vice President] Wallace that John Carter Vincent [Chief of the State Department's Division of Chinese Affairs] acknowledged included the following:

(1) He steered the conversations between Chiang and Wallace during the mission toward a settlement between Chiang and the Communists;

(2) he had Wallace emphasize the desire of the United States that Chiang make peace with the Communists;

(3) when Madame Chiang Kai-shek proposed during the conversation that there be a North Pacific Conference, Vincent directed the conversation toward an insistence by Wallace that China and the U.S.S.R. settle first (p.2062);

(4) Vincent conceded he urged Wallace to press that the United States would not aid Chiang until he made his peace with the Soviet Union (pp. 2065-2066);

(5) Vincent kept bringing the conversation back to the question of the United States sending a representative to Communist territory in Yenan, and finally extracted a promise from Chiang that one would be sent (pp. 2060-2061);

(6) when Chiang, recognizing the prestige such an act would give the Communists, argued against it (p.2051), Vincent urged Wallace to stress that the United States was not interested in Chiang's opposition (p.2052) from the Communists but were interested in the military intelligence such a representative would yield (p. 2055);

(7) Later it was shown that Vincent again steered the conversation so that the promise given by Chiang for the representative to Yenan was really nailed down."
Now, the U.S. Congress voted $125 million to be sent to Chiang Kai-shek but the ships were kept in the harbor in San Francisco for months. Finally, when the weapons arrived in China, there was no ammunition to be found, therefore, utterly useless. Without weapons, Chiang Kai-shek and his large army was defeated by a small well-armed communist army in 1949.  This is backed up by the 1952  McCarran Committee's report on the Institute for Pacific Relations (IPR) .

The IPR was an organization, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation, specifically designed to use as a propaganda tool for the Communists.  For instance, they   spoke of Mao and Zhou Enlai,as if they were George Washington and Abe Lincoln, and through a carefully crafted propaganda campaign, convinced many in the U.S. that Chinese Communists were not Communists at all.  The American State Department got their wish, and the newly formed Chinese government-- that America helped to establish--resulted in the death of up to 80 million Chinese. 

After the report on the IPR came out, it sparked a congressional investigation to determine which of these "foundations and organizations are using their resources for purposes other than the purposes for which they were established, and especially to determine which such foundations and organizations are using their resources for un-American and subversive activities or for purposes not in the interest or tradition of the United States." The first of the Congressional Committees to attempt such an investigation was the Cox Committee, created in 1952 under the leadership of Congressman Eugene E.Cox. However, not only did this congressional committee suffer great obstacles, their leader, Congressman Cox died. Fortunately, Congressman Carroll Reece of Tennessee, demanded a new investigation which became the Reece Committee, of which Norman Dodd became director of research.

According to the book, Foundations Their Power and Influence, tremendous pressure was brought to bear on members of Congress to force them to stop the investigation as well as to cut off appropriations. The committee was routinely attacked in the New York Times, Washington Post and all of the major media outlets. Congressman Wayne Hays was appointed to disrupt its hearings.
". . . Mr. Hays told us one day that 'the White House' [Eisenhower] had been in touch with him and asked him if be would cooperate to kill the committee."
What the record quickly shows is that a considerable portion of the IPR activities operated not to discover, analyze, assemble and publish data (the normal primary concern of scholarship and research), but to influence public opinion. The subcommittee noted throughout all the testimony and all the exhibits that so great a portion of the IPR energies went into public relations, lobbying, propaganda, and other activities, having the primary effect of influencing public opinion that it is not correct or adequate to describe the IPR as a scholarly and research organization. Its chief function was rather that of a crucible of United States public opinion on the Far East.
Rowan Gaither [head of the Ford Foundation]: "Those of us here at the policy-making level have all had experience either with the OSS or the European Econmoic Administration in operating under directives the origins of which is the White House.  We today operate under just such directives.  Would you like to know what the substance of those directives is

Norman Dodd: Yes, Mr. Gaither, I would very much like to know.

Rowan Gaither:
The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the Untied States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

Norman Dodd: "Mr. Gaither, in light of what you just told me, many of your grants make sense, but I don't think you're entitled to withhold this information from the people of this country to whom you are beholden for your tax exemptions so why don't you tell them what you just told me?"

Rowan Gaither: "Mr. Dodd, we would not think of doing that"

Norman Dodd: Well, Mr. Gaither, in answer to your first question, you forced the Congress of the U.S. to spend $150,000 to find out what you just told me.
Once one opens their eyes to the truth behind the carefully crafted presentation of the "truth," it takes some time to reflect upon, and deal with this reality: that our subversive public education system and mainstream media is basically a tool to brainwash, condition, and fool us into compliance with the agenda of the ruling class. As Norman Dodd sincerely points out the ruling class has been scheming to consolidate all the power to rule America by corporate monopoly. Why communism? Because collectivism at centralized levels is easy to manipulate toward a tyrannical government.  This type of system needs  communitarian law, which is based on the "consensus reached by globalist "do-gooders."

Economic and psychological weapons of destruction rather than full out war...that's the plan. A man in a stupor is harmless. A mind befuddled by reality shows, iPhones, Twitter, Facebook is manageable. So the elite can continue to offshore our jobs and loot the treasury to the tune of trillions of dollars as was the plan all along by aforementioned major subversive forces.

Related Links:

2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto
"...explores the history, philosophy, and modern-day implementation of Sustainable Development, Communitarian Law, and Community Policing.

Part-autobiography, part-thesis, and part-guidebook to International Law, this 327-page book introduces Community Law with a mix of personal experiences, field research, and direct quotes from American presidents and international heads of state, domestic and foreign courts, officials, ecclesiastics, gurus, agencies, think tanks, universities and law schools, foundations, conferences, scientific reports, newspapers, and academic journals.

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan (Washington) and The Anchorage 2020/Anchorage Bowl Comprehensive Plan (Alaska) are highlighted to show how Local Agenda 21 plans balance individuals, laws, and economic growth. Readers are challenged to consider some of the little-known aspects of Community Economic Development, like mapping and mobilizing human assets, data-mining, innovative militarized policing, mandates for service, global citizenship, the Hegelian Dialectic, and the ancient spiritual foundation for a worldwide, corporate, quasi-religious legal framework.
The Turning of the Tides

Hearings before the special committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations and comparable organizations House of Representatives 83rd Congress Second Session on H. Res. 217 (1,000 pages)

Report on the Commission on Social Studies, 1934

"Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies", funded by the tax-exempt Carnegie Corporation of New York, published in 1934, is the most important report ever written on the future of American education. All its recommendations and its philosophy are an intrinsic part of education in the United States today. Professor Harold Laski, a philosopher of British socialism, said of this report: "At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the report is an educational program for a 'Socialist America'. One excerpt from this important report reads "The implications for education are clear and imperative: (a) the efficient functioning of the emerging economy and the full utilization of its potentialities require profound changes in the attitudes and outlook of the American people, especially the rising generation--a complete and frank recognition that the old order is passing, that the new order is emerging, (pp. 34-35).

click here for The Dodd Report


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