Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Twisted Tale of the Sandy Hook Shooting Continues.

As a little kid, I used to stare out the wire-reinforced window at school wondering why that ugly wire was there. I wanted a clear view. This is one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind after hearing/reading that one very skinny boy--Adam Lanza-- with mental an emotional problems, packing at least his weight in weapons and ammo, managed to not only pierce that combination of heavy glass and wire mesh, but supposedly dashed through the sharp edges and unwieldy mess without slicing himself in half. Surely, if it's even possible--Security and weapons expert Mike Powers (below) said it's not--it would've taken him such a long time, and caused such a racket that there would've been plenty of time to take action.  If this horrible event wasn't so tragic, this image of a Rambo-like Lanza--given the pictures we've seen-- is so preposterous, it's almost funny.

Anyway, after nearly two months, the following statement by the Connecticut prosecutor's office is the first indication from state authorities that Adam Lanza may have not acted alone.  This new information has now been brought forth by Connecticut State Attorney Stephen Sedensky, suggesting that records pertaining to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been sealed to possibly hide the identity of witnesses from multiple shooter suspects and that they should not be unsealed anytime soon.

Officials fear the safety of witnesses.Connecticut State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky has argued that unsealing warrants in the Sandy Hook case might "seriously jeopardize" the investigation by disclosing information known only to other "potential suspects."

The motion to extend the seal on the records was granted for 90 days--beyond the normal statutory allowance of 14 days--by Superior Court Judge John Blawie,

The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this case and the ongoing investigation, the state’s interest in continuing nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at this time,”
The following interview (video below) with Mike Powers,a former US Naval Law enforcement and US Army Veteran talks very knowledgeably about the glaring Sandy Hook inconsistencies. Powers has 15 years experience in federal service, specialized search and rescue, 10 years professionally instructing wilderness survival and personal defense theory, 10years as a firearms and tactic instructor, having worked with private citizens as well as public service elements and a consultant in protective security detail. He has been on several security teams for celebrities and military officials.

Some key excerpts:
Mike Powers: “That get’s us to the surveillance video, Sandy Hook had just recently installed a very high protocol security system. The teachers were taught how to react and received certain instructions. They had all received a set of keys to lock their classrooms, with the exception of Lauren Rousseau. She was a Canadian national substitute teacher, hers was the first classroom that sustained heavy casualties according to the story, and eventual it was her car out in the parking lot that also sustained massive amounts of gunfire, which indicates there was gunshots fired outside in the parking lot. This draws another question, why was there only one call to Sandy Hook dispatch?”
Mike Powers: “None of the neighbors heard massive amounts of gunfire, from all these enormous weapons? In the timeline recordings you can hear that Staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary believes they hearing what they believe to be gunfire at this time. The typical AR 15 Rifle has a 16 inch barrel, and in States where it is not legally prohibited, comes with a muffle break. Anybody who has any education in the firearm industry will tell you, that this combination of the 5.56 millimeter rounds with the muffle break and the short barrel, produces a much more loud then average hyper-sonic snap. They’re consistently known of being louder.”

"This only re-doubles our opinions in this matter, how could this individual walk into an enclosed space, with an un-suppressed carbine and fire 100 of rounds. He fired hundreds of rounds in the school, and was still carrying on his person hundreds more that he had not discharged. Essentially you are talking about 165 decibel or better percussive impact on the human nervous system, inside of an enclosed space like that. That’s simply just not possible.”

“I had actually 2 phone interviews with Doctors from Otolaryngology yesterday, and this is the level we take our investigation to. I’m not going to asses it on my own personal information, or my own personal level of training. I’m going to take this to industry professionals who have PhD’s in these matters to make sure that my information is correct, and both of those Doctors in Otolaryngology have indicated that the impact on the Eustachian tube of the inner ear would be devastating under those conditions.”

“The individual would lose balance, cognitive ability, just from the shock of the incident. So, it is all of these things. Not just one isolated thing, or one minor detail. It’s the entire pile of all the details, from all different directions. This is one of the main reasons why we are committed to this. If this is to be the catalyst, that fundamentally changes this nation at its core, constitutionally, we’re not going down without a fight.”
Mike Powers:“You can go on YouTube and look up Green Barrett, Navy Seal, Army Delta, even basic infantry operators these days, will carry a minimum of 210 rounds, on a standard combat level, which is 7 magazines, one in the weapon and six on the kit, but what they alleged him to have had was 100 of rounds that he shot, hundreds of rounds that he didn’t. They indicated that he was wearing a bulletproof west, that he was wearing some form of tactical west, which enabled him to carry all of this.
“...look up tactical gear on the internet, you can see where a basic tactical vest will have pockets on one side or both for carrying magazines. Now in order for him to be in full compliance with the story and actually carrying those hundreds of rounds, what that indicates to me is that he would have had to have pockets on both sides of the vest. So Adam Lanza is about 120 pounds, they say he came into the building approximately carrying his ammunition and body weight in kit.”

“He had 4 handguns, then he had a rifle, they can’t make up their mind. Let’s go back to the tragedy of the DC sniper. The very moment they took the DC Sniper into custody, within minutes the media had pictures of the AR15 rifle. You have not seen a single picture of the weapons, or any of the kit. This is also to tie into Aurora Colorado, James Eagan Holmes, all these other most recent incidents.”...
As far as the weapon is concerned, gaining access to the school. I have a picture that shows the front of the school, with all the glass being intact. When you listen to the dispatchers initial report to the first responding officers, they believe the front glass has been broken out and they are unsure why. Not shot out. The picture that I have in my possession now, is a Connecticut police officer, escorting 2 women and a child away and you can clearly look over his shoulder and see another officer standing there at the entrance with the carbine and all the glass is still intact.”
Mike Powers: “As far as access to the building is concerned, you are talking about a 120 pound mentally disabled kid, who’s carrying an immense amount of weight and equipment, btw one thing that I do wanted to point out is, that if he was wearing a tactical vest with all these magazines on them, a tactical vest is made for heavy set guys, he is a skinny lanky kid. He would have a very difficult time locating equipment properly. Some people would argue and say he was wearing a fire rig, which is a holster that drops your belt line to carry additional kits. But you can bet your dollars that the media would have reported that.”

“This again presents the problem of dynamic flow, first, how did he compromise the door? All security doors are hinged on the inside. If it was glass, it would have been made of sufficient thickness to sustain weather conditions, slamming of doors, so you’re not talking about a single pane of glass here. The particular round he used is also very well documented for fragmentation, when it strikes its target, it tends to fragment apart and create a type of form, where it bounces off and goes in different directions.”

“This also leads to yet another problem. They are saying he piled all these kids up in the corner and just started shooting. Statistically and physically speaking I’m not convinced that this round would have the ability to penetrate through that thick off a wall of meat, I apologize for further grotesque reference, but it’s necessary to explain it so people can understand. Penetration is everything, for every inch of flesh that this round penetrates, it looses energy.
Mike Powers:“It would have been virtually impossible for someone of Adam’s size, lack of stature. Even if it did shatter, it would become so unwieldy, sharp edges, busted glass. Now that’s the thing you really got to think about logically, you have to assume, that the foundation of the front door of an Elementary school is safe, there are regulations in place, state safety regulations. You wouldn’t want a glass door to shatter into 1 billion little glass pieces to shred your child in case of an accident you would want their to be some level of protection, which also indicates there should be laminated glass.”

“Which makes the official story that much more difficult. You sit there and notice the lack of pictures. There have been no pictures whatsoever.. My first thought in any of these high stress situations, mass casualty incidents, when you go in there, being an instructor of personal defense, is very simple. Why did you not push to children out the window? You heard somebody shooting outside in the hallway, or in another classroom, why would you huddle up in the corner and read the children Christmas stories. Why wouldn’t you open the Windows, push the kids out the window and tell them to run to the fire-station, which was just up the end of the driveway.”

These are the things, that occupy my mind at night. This prevents me from going to sleep, this will be my first thought for the preservation or the protection of the life of those children. You would do anything to get them out of harms path. I question any professional instructor, that would teach teachers to have kids sit down Indian style, in a target shape circle, and wait for a madman. Oh, we will just lock the door. Well, if he had all the firepower they alleged he had, he can simply shoot the lock out of the door and kick it in with his Super huge Rambo legs and then he is off on his killing spree. I also find it highly suspect that substitute teacher Lauren Russo one of the only staff members present was not issued a set of keys to lock the door.
Mike Powers: “There are military operators, SWAT operators, there are guys who trained their entire life, hours and days in the gym, getting to the best possible fitness they can and possibly be in. Training their entire lives to do it. And you don’t just walk into one of these teams, you have to prove yourself, before you get to that level and can be brought in to that community. And I’m going to keep stressing this, because it’s critically important.”

“A 120 pound developmentally disabled kid, to suddenly reach the exact same peak of operational performance and pull of a stunt, within the first 3 min. he discharged hundreds of rounds which as we discussed earlier would have beat him senseless physically. You have one call and get a massive level of response, which is one of the reasons that there are people out there suggesting that this was actually part of a mass casualty drill, that was taking place 35 min. away from Sandy Hook.”

“They are already set up, prepped in their kit. One of the most disturbing details that initially came out was, within the first 60 min., at 9:37, they said the first call came in, at 9:41 was the initial dispatch that they gave to the responding officer, that said they believe what appears to be gunfire from outside the school. Okay, that was a huge red flag. If they hear gunfire outside of the school, why did not any of the neighbors hear it and why didn’t they call?”


Adam Lanza warrant


Anonymous,  19:54  

I think it's obvious this event was a staged event to forward multiple agendas. One that no one has mentioned is the schools to prisons pipeline that's in the process of being created across the country. If you haven't noticed, the schools, because of these shooting events are increasing the policing, and developing zero-tolerence policies with drastic consequences for students who step out of line.

This is because the privatized prison industry must profit by filling their prisons to capacity. What better way then to make children criminals! By pinning felonies on kids for throwing peanuts, they're ensuring future inmates.

Another goal is to make mentally ill people, especially conspiracy theorists, which they're trying paint as mentally ill, look dangerous.

Then there is the "gun-control" agenda, but they benefit both ways regarding this issue because at the same time it makes a good case for tighter regulations, it also greatly profits the gun industry since sales skyrocket.

Anonymous,  00:02  

It's sad but if it is not establishment consensus the media pretends it is conspiracy nuttery and the majority of people swallow it whole without question.

Anonymous,  08:18  

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