Thursday, March 21, 2013

Money From Heaven Will Be Path To Hell

Robert Wiedemer, author of the  book Aftershock, and best known for correctly predicting the collapse of the U.S. housing market provides evidence in the video interview below for 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market crash, and 100 percent annual inflation . . . starting in, you guessed it, 2013. That two more massive bubbles, the dollar, and U.S. government debt could burst by 2013. In other words, the worst is yet to come.

Of course, just because he successfully predicted many of the events that have come to pass, it doesn't mean he will be right this time. Moreover, how do we know he didn't have inside information on the collapse in 2008, and is now, given his success the first time around, setting us up. Sorry, I'm always suspicious of people who ignore the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and who strongly promote themselves, as well as gold as the investment vehicle of choice anticipating a future price so high that they don't actually state it in the book This “gold is what is needed as the barter tool with ever increasing fever” makes me leery. Because, here's the thing. There is a statutory price of gold--$42.2222 per fine troy ounce-- and a market price of gold--as of today, $1615.10, which in and of itself is questionable. In other words, the price of gold is set by the banking interests in London, so its value is false. What that means...I have no idea, except to say, how can anyone put all their trust in the value of gold? It's just another bubble!

As for Ben Bernake, Wiedemer said his "money from heaven will be the path to hell."

Anyway, here is the interview with Robert Wiedemer:

"The Federal Reserve is Loaning Money at 0-1% Interest to Large Corporations and Banks. Under the 1937 Federal Reserve Act profits from interest bearing loans by the Federal Reserve are to be used to pay down the national debt. We are being DEFRAUDED every time a zero or one percent interest loan is given to a company because it will ultimately lead to federal income tax increases to pay the national debt. America is not a Democracy, it is an Aristocracy, people are poor and getting poorer because the rich in this country are committing fraud in collusion with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and member banks. You cannot get loans directly from the Fed and YOUR BANK is waiving profits DUE YOU. Tax increases + money scarcity equals a Depression.

We need a a reform of the Federal Reserve our money should be issued and loaned at low interest to individuals only to encourage small business and creative for-profit pursuits. This worked in Libya and they had a higher standard of living that the U.S. because their government loaned money to the people to facilitate business growth, not to protect a class-based society intent on staying wealthier by deception and fraud. Read the act, the Federal Reserve does not need taxes to pay national debt it needs to adhere to its’ own laws and regulations and start loaning money directly to individuals and collecting interest, they can control inflation by using interest rates. America does not need banks and we don’t need Wall Street. -- Dave Mowerss.


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