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A Cesspit of Predators and Paedophiles.

Ben Fellows with wife Julia
Former child actor, Ben Fellows, now aged 37, exposes the behind the scenes culture of depravity and hedonistic excess that underlies our entertainment industry and power structure.   As he says, it's a “cesspit of predators and paedophiles”.  Young and vulnerable children--like him, when he first started out at 13-years old--are passed around and abused like sexual playthings.

Fellows claims he was offered by his agent Sylvia Young to Tom Cruise for sex, but he said Tom chose someone else. Cruise then proceeded to take this boy back  to a bedroom and have sex while he waited with his agent. That's just the tip of the iceberg. He also tells of a 13-year old Australian soap opera actress taken back to a hotel room by a producer and subsequently raped in front of everyone by Dolph Lundgren. He was advised to make a police statement to protect himself from Ken Clarke who was suing him for the penis-touching allegations because once allegations are subject of a police inquiry, the alleger cannot be sued.
The list of extremely well-known actors, casting directors, directors, producers, writers and executives who abused me, or attempted to abuse me sexually, while I was a child actor would make the public sick.” -- Ben Fellows
From the tape of the police interview in November 2012, Ben Fellows explains (videos below) the seduction and exploitation of naive young actors, and the process of blackmail so intrinsic to keeping people quiet.
(The following quote may not be 100% accurate as I couldn't understand a few words)
It's never, you know, go and meet that person...they want to have sex with you, it's they would be good for your career, and it's up to you what you would do. Yea? Uh, Collin Farrell basically tells the story of when he got picked by his agent, his big CIA agent I think he was, and he said basically, you know, you have two choices, the one guy who would give him a blow job and the guy who wouldn't...well, Collin Farrell's Colin Farrell, he admitted himself, that's what he did to get his agent to get into the industry. Yea? Because this is the currency.

What they do is they take you, and hope that you're damaged goods in some way. Say for example, I've got an adoption story, right? That was always used to get me to do stuff...they would always bring up my adoption story in some way. [...] Say for example, you're a shoplifter, or something like that, they can use that. Because they can stop people from going to jail They pick these kids up, especially in LA, off the beach, and show them a good time...Nicholas Cage whose related to Francis Ford Coppola...he found Johnny Depp, right? There are these key Max Clifford who get young people for free at these events...I was 14-years old, and I was drinking champagne, snorting cocaine...I was know, that's why people don't come out, because they're embarrassed...I'm embarrassed. [...]

You get these images of people...that's how they present's an illusion. You know, like somebody, but just know that they're a real person anytime you don't know anything they do. And, they're completely different. There's people out there that I say, 'Look, you know, these people are like monsters that look very good, and they will eat you alive.' Right? These people are charming...these people are lovely. They invite you into their lives. They will, you know, give you lots of things, buy you, I was getting lots of clothes, really, from lots of people I met.
Fellow's email to Tap:
Hi Tap

I hope you are well. I've just written an article about Kenneth Clarke which you may find interesting. Also I've uploaded my police statement to utube as well as the Met Police telling me why Ken Clarke won't be questioned. My utube channel is benfellows170

Ken Clarke MP Is Above The Law And Cannot Be Questioned Says Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit

Is it acceptable for anyone to sexually assault, grope, fondle, touch up, abuse, rape and murder your children?

Well, according to the Specialist Crime Directorate Child Abuse Investigation Command or the Pedophile Unit, if you are a member of parliament then it is acceptable to do just that."
Ben Fellows and the Queen


Anonymous,  22:35  

I just heard about this last week but it's been around for a few months ... wondering where it'll go. It seems Ken Clarke HASN'T BEEN arrested.

And what about Tom Cruise? That's a serious allegation to make against the sue-happy Scientologist.

Marc,  22:40  

This guy better watch his back. They will either set him up, making him the culprit, or kill him.

Anonymous,  22:47  

He was very hard to understand but this is what I could make out from Lambskin...

-'we cant just go galavanting up to the house of commons, there is protocol we have deal with here''.

-'they're busy people and some of them are quite tricky to tie down'!!!

-''I cant go knocking on peoples doors asking to look through their stuff'' - when talking about potential evidence Sylvia Young may have.

-Ian Greer -'' hes in s. Africa - ''not a great use of public money to go out and speak to him when he doesnt want to speak to us'''

-''the queen can pretty much do what she likes - its all in her name shes above the law, and pretty much the only one''

When taken together, along with his blase, patronising, condescending attitude, a rather ugly and stinky picture begins to emerge, wot?

Anonymous,  23:33  
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Pedo Politicians 23:49  

Disgusting bastards! Their wealth, fame and their connections give them the right to continue with the raping of children. Not to mention the cover up by law enforcement.

The more deviant you are the higher you rise in the Establishment hierarchy, granting more power to perverts and immunity.


Anonymous,  23:57  

22:40, supposedly, he's already been warned to stay off the Internet by the police. He secretly taped the police interview.

Roth's stepchild 00:20  

Thanks for the comments!

I don't know who this Ben Fellows is. I just found it interesting that he published his interview with the police, especially considering the names he mentioned.

Sadly, I KNOW this stuff goes on--Jimmy Savile, Elm Guest House, Franklin Scandal, etc--however, once again, I can't vouch for the source. I guess time will tell...

Anonymous,  00:37  

The BBC, Hollywood, and the entertainment business in general is infested at every level with pedos, their apologists and protectors.

Daylight is the best disinfectant and we need an open and courageous media to shine a light into these dark corners where the lowest of the low crawl around. The MSM isn’t up the job. Thank god for bloggers and the internet.

Marc,  00:43  

This goes all the way up to the very top and the establishment has been able to keep a lid on this pedophile network for centuries.

"… those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance…."

Anonymous,  01:09  

Remember, before movies and Hollywood and the resurrection of idolatry as a religion, show people were banned from mixing with society, much less worshiped.

Maybe now we know why

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