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Giant and Unprecedented Sinkholes?

The Louisiana Assumption Parish Bayou Corne sinkhole is truly unprecedented globally, according to geologists. It is a living breathing thing that broke the record for breaching and compromising a salt dome to the largest extent know in history, and the 3400 foot deep cavern that caused it is still collapsing. Moreover, this now 15 acre sinkhole is leaking methane gases and crude as it continues to bubble in the bayou. 350 individuals were/are under a mandatory evacuation order, as this monster sinkhole shows no signs of receding. These effected residents began receiving weekly checks in the amount of $875, and now Texas Brine is supposedly preparing to offer settlements to the evacuated residents.,

So, how does an historical event like this escape national media coverage? Better yet, why does the national media ignore this event? Could it be that Texas Brine, an Oil Field Service Company, which provides a broad range of service including Waste Water(Brine) disposal to all major drillers including Halliburton who serves BP, and who once mined this salt cavern, and owns the salt dome, does not want the publicity? Because this was no natural disaster; it was the consequence of mining activities conducted by Texas Brine. It's a well known fact that the media and the authorities have been bought out by the corporations. Take the BP Oil Spill. Facts are still hidden including the oil that has been "cleaned" with lethal Corexit, not to mention, the people suffering from its effects, some, or even many of whom have not survived.

Bubbles were spotted in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou in June 2012. Two months later, the ground opened up and left a nine-acre sinkhole. Residents were evacuated and have been for the past seven months. Most affected residents began receiving weekly checks from Texas-Brine in the amount of $875 per week.“
$2 million sinkhole in Washington DC:

Sinkhole in downtown Washington D.C. that continues to block traffic since May 22, 2013

Another view of $2 million sinkhole in Washington D.C.

Sinkhole in NJ warehouse swallows man and forklift:

A forklift operator and his forklift were swallowed by an 8-foot-deep sinkhole (left) 40 feet by 40 feet wide when the floor of the New Jersey warehouse (May 23, 2013) where he was working gave way underneath him. He was rescued and taken to a hospital with back injuries after the fall into the hole in East Rutherford.  The warehouse, which stores nonperishable food, was evacuated after the floor collapsed.

More sinkholes:

May 23, 2013: Sinkhole in Palmer Township, PA , swallows the front of a Lowe's delivery truck.

May 21, 2013 Massive sinkhole kills five in south China town of Shenzhen

May 12, 2013 Giant sinkhole near San Francisco swallows homes as families evacuate

May 2, 2013 Road Collapses in Greene County, Mississippi
April 20, 2013 Roadway Sinkhole Swallows 2 Cars in Vermont

April 18, 2013 A sinkhole swallowed three cars Southeast side of Chicago
Dozens of the sinkholes have appeared at random in recent weeks in Russia:.

April 10, 2013 Giant Sinkhole Swallows Homes in Russia

The city of Samara in Russia appears to be sinking into the earth, as massive sinkholes open up swallowing cars and wreaking havoc
April 2013

The sinkholes, some large enough to swallow an entire truck, are believed to have opened up as the Russian winter subsides
April 2013
There has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the city, Russia's sixth largest
April 2013

There has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the city, Russia's sixth largest
April 2013
There has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the city, Russia's sixth largest
April 2013

The massive craters seem to have appeared at random in recent weeks
April 2013

These pictures are all believed to have been taken in recent weeks. Some reports have suggested the holes have been caused by ground water or soil decay
April 2013

Sinkholes are common hazards in mining regions, plaguing areas where miners have burrowed into layers of soluble minerals and accidental floods have followed
April 2013

The problem is thought to be causing carnage across the city. Now residents have organised a petition to urge authorities to find a solution
April 2013

A deep round sinkhole opened up under woman's bed in the middle
of the night in Guatemala City (Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images)
A car juts out of a sinkhole caused by a broken
water main on Dec. 3, 2010 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. (Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images)
Car sits in giant sinkhole in Duluth, Minn. Wednesday, June 20, 2011.


Teenager jumps into a puddle for a $1 bet... and ends up completely submerged in huge water-filled hole (but at least he got a dollar!)

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