Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma: Turning Disasters Into a Military Style Takeover?

A witness (below) tells of the "war zone" in Moore Oklahoma after the devastating mile-wide tornado touched down.  He said, all of the "abc" agencies are everywhere, including the FBI, however, he claimed, they're not there to help the people...they're there to issue threats of lethal force and to issue lock-downs, as if the survivors are not traumatized enough. 

Moreover, the  witness said the schools were on lock-down prior and during the tornado, and the message now, is, "if you loot, we will shoot". In this type of situation, I would think it's hard to tell who is a looter and who is desperately searching for loved ones, possessions, food, water.  He said people were literally walking down the interstate with nowhere to go.

Unfortunately, all immediate federal disaster aid seems to come  in the form of a military presence and bi-partisan authoritarian posturing and very little, if any actual help.

Meanwhile, Barbara Boxer pushes for carbon tax, blaming the tornado on global warming.


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