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Lawless America: Justice Denied.

From the wrongfully convicted to outrageous sentences for victimless "crimes", to outright harassment by law enforcement, our prisons are overflowing with people denied justice. Unfortunately, corrupt judges and corrupt government officials are not the exception, they are the rule. In other words, this is not a case of a few bad apples, it's the result of not only an elitist and prohibitively expensive system of "justice" but also a for-profit incarceration system.

Let's face it. Law is only as good as our ability to enforce that law, and without a high-priced attorney, it's only the exceptional American who can find true justice without one. Even with a high-priced attorney, you are at his or her mercy, as we the people are not officers of the court, and therefore, lack subpoena power and knowledge of the inner-workings of the court.

Here are a few examples from Lawless America:

Tiarra Fain, from Virginia, served three years in jail and paid a $1700 fine for parking in a fire zone for 25 seconds, failing to produce her driver's license (driver's license suspended for not paying a speeding ticket), and giving a false name to the policeman because she borrowed her friend's car and she didn't want her friend's car impounded. At the time of sentencing, Tiarra was seven months pregnant. For this victimless "crime" she gave birth to her son shackled to a bed.

Daniel Weber's (from Iron County Utah) son was incarcerated for a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, contained in a child-proof bottle, that he used to treat his severe headaches. However, the police did not show up because they suspected marijuana; rather, the police traced his son's ip address to check on some computer equipment he bought online, which was out in the open for the police to see. Yet the police still insisted on searching his home, and that's when they found the small amount of raw marijuana. From there, Weber's son was accused of cultivating marijuana, despite the total lack of evidence.

Travis Braun, a small business owner (Edible Decorative Landscapes which teaches people how to grow food) from Iron County, Cedar City Utah, pulled out of a liquor store parking lot and after traveling five blocks was pulled over for supposedly failing to turn on his blinkers. Moreover, the cop told Travis he had no insurance. When Travis pulled out his insurance information, the cop made Travis do a field sobriety test. He passed five of the six points--took 11 steps instead of 9-- and had a 0.014 (one-tenth of a beer) reading from the breathalyzer test. Six cops kicked Travis in the face, tazed him twice, dislocating his L4 vertebrae, and basically beat the crap out of him (all of this is on video). At this point, Travis fell into an epileptic seizure. At the hospital, they arrested Travis for assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, DUI metabolite, and possession of marijuana...all false charges.

After he was bailed out of jail, he went through the law enforcement chain of command, and they all said they backed their police officers, 100% and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law to which Travis responded that he would go to the newspapers and file a lawsuit. From that point on, Travis has endured outright harassment from the police. They even raided his house, based on a statement from an unverified source, blowing the back door off its hinges, and without finding one iota of evidence, claimed he was growing marijuana, manufacturing mushrooms, selling drugs, etc.

After he bailed out a second time, they dropped the charges, but sent the "case" to the feds. A few days later, the U.S. Marshall's showed up at his house and arrested him in front of his six kids for selling a weapon by a restricted person, a person he met only one time. Threatening him with ten years, he told them, fine, lets go to trial. He spent six months waiting in jail. One week before the trial, the feds dropped all charges for lack of evidence. The state picked it back up and refiled the charges.

Travis has been fighting these cases for four years now, yet he still hasn't been to court. Every time it's time to go to trial, they postpone it for one excuse or another. They even raided his attorney's house, then arresting him again on trumped up domestic abuse charges (he punched a hole in the wall on his way out after an argument). He spent another five months in jail.

Johnita M. DeMatteo's son, Joseph DeMatteo, deaf since birth, and a member of a biker group, was merely having a conversation (he can read lips) in a bar in Rome NY, when he was told to get out of the way. Being deaf, he did not hear the command, and was subsequently grabbed from the behind and thrown out. The police were called and he was arrested and sent to jail. The judge threatened that if he didn't accept the plea bargain he could get up to 15 years for merely being associated with a biker gang.

Sandy Fonzo's son committed suicide after being incarcerated in what became known as the "Kids for Cash" scandal.

Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock on the corrupt judicial system.

Hans Sherrer, president of "Justice Denied" who works with the wrongfully convicted.


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