Thursday, July 04, 2013

Ten Places Around the World You Are Not Allowed to Visit.

10. RAF Menwith Hill (U.K) – Worlds largest electronic monitoring site. If a plot is hatched, or missle launched, this place will know about it first.

9. Club 33 (Disneyland California, USA) – Located in the New Orleans Square part of the theme park , it is a club exclusively for VIPs with a membership.  It has a decades long waiting list.

8. Bohemian Grove (California, USA) – A secret place in the woods reserved only for the worlds most powerful people.

7. Vatican Secret Archive (Vatican City) – You can request texts to be delivered to you from the archive for browsing, you may never enter.

6. Lascaux Caves (France) – Part of our human heritage, only a few hand-picked scientists are allowed in the caves due to the ancient age and nature of the artwork contained within.

5. Pine Gap (Australia) – Only place in Australia designated as a No Fly Zone.

4. Metro 2 (Moscow, Russia) – Built by Stalin, a secret underground train system in Moscow supposedly reserved for use by Russian secret services and top government officials.

3. Room 39 (Pyongyang, North Korea) – Supposedly a government controlled operation that deals in illegal drug trafficking and smuggling.

2. Mezghhorye (Russia) – The supposed location of Russia’s 'dead hand' nuclear missile site. 

1. Area 51 (Nevada, USA) –  This is the rumored location of alien corpses, the Roswell crash remains, and secret weapon research.


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