Friday, August 02, 2013

Getting the Consent of the Ruled: Engineering an Individual's Choices Away From His Needs.

Are our lives being scripted by the ruling class? Are our minds filled with useless ideas, pedaled by the media and public indoctrination education system, thus, obscuring useful facts?  What happened to critical thinking?

Mind control:

Since the dawn of time, small groups of human beings have instilled artificial circular limitations on the minds of their subjects through the procession of history. Traditionally, the limitations are imprinted on the servile population through a cunning use of language, instruction and media for the purposes of conquest, social cohesion, and authoritative order by harnessing the human resources of the broad population
Hegelian dialectic:
To meet an agenda in conflict with the needs of individuals, the ruling class creates an artificial crisis [problem]-- to which the public reacts by begging for the ruling class to intervene [reaction]. The ruling class then enjoys the plunder made possible by removing the self-reliance from individuals [solution].


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