Tuesday, August 20, 2013

War on Drugs: Stained Forever By the Blood of Their Parents

Below are a few photos of an attack on a family (June, 2010), who was traveling on the Casas Grandes Highway (the interstate highway that connects the state of Chihuahua to the West coast of Mexico) by award winning photographer Javier Manzano

As Manzano pulled up to the scene both of the rear side windows of the vehicle had been shot in. Inside the car, a 3-year old girl was holding the hand of her fatally wounded mother, and standing outside the car, the girl’s 4-year old brother, stained with the blood of his parents looked toward the highway. The assailants took the children’s father. It took an hour for the ambulance to arrive and the mother died en route to the hospital. Soon after, the decapitated body and head of the children’s father was found 20 kilometers down the road.

4-year old boy stares off into the highway as soldiers stand guard next to the
vehicle where the boy and his family were driving a few minutes earlier.
3-year old girl holds the hand of her mother as they wait for the ambulance. 
The mother died en-route to the hospital

The 4-year old boy and 3-year old girl look on as the ambulance takes their mother away.
The head of 32-year-old Mario Alberto Iglesias, the father to the two young children
and husband of Maria de Jesus was located on the 70km marker of the same highway in
which the initial attack was reported.


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