Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Giant Step Towrd the National Security State: The Dirty Secrets of George H. W. Bush

Although, I'm always a little leery of ex-CIA or ex-intelligence, as I find it hard to believe former intelligence officials are allowed to expose anything, this documentary on former President George H. W. Bush is very interesting.

Recorded December 10, 1988

Here are some of the questions that former CIA Station Chief in Angola under Director George H. W. Bush, and author of "In Search of Enemies", John Stockwell addresses:

How does the United States economic and political system really work?

Why doesn't anyone expose the corruption/scandal?

How did the establishment ensure Jesse Jackson's failure in the 1988 primaries?

Ronald Reagan gave us the most corrupt administration in history with almost 200 people indited or jailed for corruption, so why didn't the Democrats--Governor Michael Dukakis--fight harder to win the 1988 election?

Why did Bush choose Dan Quayle? Impeachment insurance?


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