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Are the Beltway Elites Intentionally Throwing the U.S. Under the Bus?

Or just us Americans?  Between the on-going disaster of the incredibly complex Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, roll-out, which Nancy Pelosi famously said they have to pass to find out what it is;  the partial government shut-down spearheaded by a man married to a VP at Goldman Sachs; the threat of the first default in American history, which it appears will be ongoing (see quote below); the firing of top military leaders for what seem like trivial matters, not to mention, S&P rating downgrade of U.S. debt;  the fiscal cliff episode; sequestration, Wall Street provoked financial collapse in 2008, etc., the U.S. is a buffoon on the befuddled world stage right now, a continuous unfolding spectacle, and no one in power seems to give a damn. If anything, they're promoting that image for all it's worth. 

Like the House GOP bill, the emerging Senate measure -- though not finalized -- would reopen the government through Jan. 15 and permit the Treasury to borrow normally until early to mid-February, easing dual crises that have sapped confidence in the economy and taken a sledgehammer to the GOP's poll numbers.
At the same time, beltway politicians have no problem allocating billions, if not trillions of dollars to fight unwanted, undeclared wars that extend  to nearly every corner of the globe; to supposedly "aid" other countries;  to prop up/bail out Wall Street; to fund the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA, the TSA, fusion centers, unconstitutional spying programs, etc,  yet we can't pay our own workers, feed our own people, or pay our troops?

From Asia Times:
Instead of honoring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas, instigating regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and fighting unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.
This is a nation that claims the moral high ground? American Exceptionalism? Hardly. Murder has become routine as civilians are slayed all over the world via remote-control drone attacks. Torturing prisoners of war is seen as par for the course. Covertly, or not so covertly, spying on American citizens is becoming normalized and a giant casino is what stands in as thee economy of choice. 

It seems the motive here is to pave the way for endless future extortion, plunder, fear-mongering, and the continuous subversion of the middle-class.

In Ted Cruz's own words:
Everyone agrees that the debt ceiling is going to be raised,” Cruz told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow in an interview tonight.

“The question,” he continued, “is whether Harry Reid and the president will maintain the same negotiating position they have on the continuing resolution, which is we will bargain for nothing, give us 100 percent of what we want or we will threaten a default.” 
So, in my humble opinion, there is no question that the powers that be are throwing we, the Americans under the bus, but what about America, the nation?  What could possibly motivate the ruling class to do such a thing?  Well, in a nutshell, globalization.  Our privileged leaders are no longer loyal to our nation, only to the wealthy and powerful corporate elite, which has, "in effect, seceded". These magnates, capitalists, moguls, and banksters are global in every sense of the word, their only loyalty is to their ever-growing immense wealth, as they seek out the most beneficial havens with no regard for national boundaries. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a transnational agreement brokered by corporations and negotiated largely in secret, that President Obama is pushing, is very good evidence that this is indeed, true.

I think the following, by bullingdonmorons sums it up much better than I ever could:
ALL our politicians know exactly what they are doing.

Our politicians are simply service managers for the banks and corporations who now rule the world. We have been shafted. We were never given any choice, no-one ever put it in any manifesto, we never voted for it, but we got it all the same. The bankrupt ideology of Neo-Liberalism, with its dogma of economic liberalization, free trade, privatization and deregulation, and its mantra that all human activity is a market from which a profit can be made.

The ruling elite now own our land, gas, electricity, railways, water and media. They have corrupted our politicians and our police. They are now coming for our pensions, our NHS, our roads, our schools and our green spaces. They have systematically destroyed the unions, dismantled our protections, created mass unemployment and are dismembering the welfare state, They caused an economic crash which bankrupted our economy and yet they walked away with their wealth intact.

And what do we get in return? Austerity, recessions, huge debts and deficits. A government conducting a systematic assault upon the sick, the poor and the disabled, slashing welfare budgets and forcing people off benefits. 500,000 of us now use food banks. They make it easier to sack us, make us work longer hours for less pay, force our kids to work for nothing, raise the retirement age whilst cutting our pensions and weaken our health and safety laws. And all just so a handful of people can be immensely rich. Frankly, it's sickening.

But by far the worst damage they have inflicted upon us is that they have destroyed our children's futures.

My generation grew up under governments that believed in full employment and a welfare state. We benefited from decades of struggle, hard won rights that enabled us to have a decent standard of living, own our homes and be cared for when we got old or sick.

However, for 30 years, we have let them slowly dismantle everything my parents and grandparents had fought for. For the millions born since 1980, the only assets they will own will be the ones passed on by their parents. They live in rented accommodation, or negative equity or have interest only mortgages. Their pensions are worthless. They spend every penny they earn, have no savings and buy everything with credit.

But it's even worse for our grandchildren. 50% of them are now loaded with debt before they even leave education. If they are lucky enough to have a job, it's on minimum wage, on zero hour contracts, or part time work, or stacking shelves for nothing. They have no protections, no rights. Pensions are just a pipe-dream. None of them have any hope of getting a mortgage. This is the true cost of the last 30 years. In our lifetime, they have managed to strip away everything our forefathers built for our kids, reducing them to the level of medieval serfs, possessing NOTHING. It's heartbreaking.

So, It's time to get angry, and we need someone to express that anger, because none of our politicians are going to do it. Someone to speak for the millions of hard working people who only want a decent life for themselves and for their kids to have a decent future. Someone that speaks up for all of us, not just a privileged few. Someone that tells us that our worth is not measured by our wealth, but our value as human beings. Someone that tells us that compassion and empathy are not bullshit. Someone that tells us that ordinary people can expect to have a decent job, a decent house and decent healthcare. Someone that tells us our elderly can live out their final years in a degree of comfort. Someone that tells us our sick and disabled should be allowed to exist with a shred of dignity. Someone that tells us that the most disadvantaged will not be looked down upon as scum.

Someone that tells us that our kids can still have hopes and dreams.

We should all be born equal, with an equal chance to develop, to achieve, to succeed. But far too many are now condemned to a life of struggle by a system that creates so many losers for the benefit of so few winners. It is not only unfair and unjust, it is unsustainable.

And it's time we all stood up and said, enough is enough.


Roth's stepchild 20:09  

More from bullingdonmoron:

"And so the bullshit continues.

We all know that after 30 years of Neo-Liberal lunacy, the end product has simply been the selling off of all our publicly owned industries, the creation of mass unemployment, the driving down of wages, the destruction of the unions, the ever worsening of inequality, the destruction of our children's futures and the bankrupting of the economy. Oh, but it has made a handful of people extremely rich. But what is the most astonishing of all is that these architects of ‘freedom’, ‘choice’, ‘progress’ and ‘fast money’ have pulled off the biggest scam of all: the irrelevance of politics.

They have destroyed democracy. It doesn't matter who is President, Prime minister, Chancellor. It doesn't matter what party you vote for, it doesn't matter if you vote left or right, whoever gets elected, they only ever represent one group of people, the ruling elite. Elections come and go, prime ministers and presidents come and go, different party's come and go, and the agenda never changes. The rich get richer, and everyone else gets poorer. Because the people who own this country, also own our politicians. Our politicians are only there to give us the illusion of choice and delude us into believing we live in a democracy. We don't.. We have no choice. We have no power. We have no voice. We are all disenfranchised. Our democracy has been stolen by an extremely rich, powerful cartel who only care about themselves.

And that's why it makes me so angry when people come on here and try to defend the present system. You know, the ones telling us that the answer to the bedroom tax is to get a lodger, or the answer to the housing benefit cap is to move to a cheaper area, or the answer to unemployment is to move to where the jobs are, or that the answer to a bankrupt economy is to give the rich more tax cuts, or that if we tax the rich more they will just leave. Arguments that anyone with more than 10 brain cells would laugh at.

Well, there's something you really need to know. Guess what? These people and politicians you come on here to support? They don't give a shit about you. They don't give a shit about the poor, they don't give a shit about the unemployed, they don't give a shit about the sick or disabled, they don't give a shit about poverty wages, they don't give a shit about our kids, they don't give a shit about this country. They don't care about debts and deficits, they don't care if millions suffer wage freezes, they don't care if they destroy lives nor if they destroy society. They don't recognise basic humanity, tax regimes or national borders. They have only one agenda, and that is to garner more and more wealth for themselves at the expense of everybody else. And you know what else? They have the most contempt for people like you, who blindly believe every piece of propaganda bullshit they feed you and then watch as you come on forums like this and regurgitate it ad infinitum. Lies about benefits, lies about immigration, lies about wealth, lies about tax, lies about the 'recovery', lies about who bankrupted the economy. They play you for fools, and yet you lap it up.

So, go ahead and post your bankrupt excuses and your lame arguments, because all they prove is your total lack of any compassion or empathy. Post your sneers at the poor, pour disdain upon those on benefits, rant about immigration, fawn over the rich whilst ignoring the misery being caused by the meanest, nastiest party to ever hold government, because, in the end, all you do is just make yourselves look foolish, and the irony is that very people you worship are the ones laughing at you the most.

And I find that truly tragic."

Anonymous,  00:04  

Vast wealth is proportionate to the lack of compassion which enabled its accumulation. Grotesque wealth, and its hanging on to it, is demonstrative of a grotesquery of spirit. It has nothing to do with capacity, hard work or intelligence.

Roth's stepchild 16:34  

0:04, I totally agree. With the exception of a few, most of the elite sector of our society either inherited their wealth, and/or, "earned" it betting on the giant casino we call our economy, contributing nothing to society. At most, they are nothing but parasites, feeding off the hard labor of the great majority.

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