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The "Warm and Fuzzy" Agenda to Control Mankind.

Smart grids, smart growth, smart phones, smart meters, smart cities, smart streets...are they trying to tell us something? That we're not smart enough to run our own lives without all of this smart technology?  Of course they are, but the real purpose behind all of this overwhelming smart and inter-connected technology is the control of individuals through steady indoctrination, and procure compliance from a centralized "government". At the same time, this smart technology is gathering all the information they can about you so they can track your every move if they so desire. Meanwhile, the proliferation of superficial and shallow "relationships" maintained by texting, tweeting and Facebooking are becoming the new normal. That may sound conspiratorial (see image above) but that's because it is. There is an agreement by powerful people in high places to deceive us into cooperating with a system that will try to control every aspect of human life. It goes by many names, often warm and fuzzy, but underneath it all, it's Agenda 21.

According to Rosa Koire,
UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Globalization is the standardization of systems in order to facilitate global control. ICLEI was created as a non-governmental spin-off by the United Nations in 1990 to implement Agenda 21 locally across the world. Headquartered in Bonn, Germany, it is a lobbying and policy group that is designed to influence and change local governmental policies related to all aspects of human life. By concentrating power in cities this group circumvents requirements for ratification of international treaties and gives the illusion of local control. In fact the cities then ally in regional conglomerates which break jurisdictional boundaries and will destroy local control. Ultimately this facilitates global governance by invalidating individual cities, counties, states, and nations with contractual agreements and interwoven systems.

The Kyoto Treaty is an example of this. The United States did not ratify Kyoto, a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting carbon trading, repudiating sprawl, and changing land use. But 1,055 United States Mayors did agree to Kyoto, indirectly, by signing onto ICLEI's Mayor's Climate Protection Campaign. Seattle, Bellevue, Bellingham, and many other Washington cities signed it. In fact it was the brainchild of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.
Jeb Brugmann, founder of ICLEI (International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives) says the agenda is to "re-engineer what a city is." ICLEI was created, in 1990, as a non-governmental spin-off by the United Nations to implement Agenda 21 locally across the world and ICLEI's international standards have crept into our code and regulations in all of our cities, counties, states, school districts, etc..

Common Core standards are a big part of Agenda 21.  Below, Clint Richardson explains:

So far, 45 states have passed Common Core.  It will only take five more states and Common Core will be federal law:

According to Clint Richardson, CORE Education and Technologies LTD, the "for-profit education corporation that teaches American children and teachers hails not from the United States – but from India." Their annual financial report can be found here

Moreover, speaking of control, did you know that there is a "Constitutional Free Zone" in the United States? I did not, but there is a 100 mile border around the U.S. that contain 2/3 of the population—197.4 million people! Airports throughout the country are also included no matter where they are located. The Dept of Homeland Security has the authority to stop, search and detain anyone for any reason within the constitution free zone, resident or traveler.

Constitutional Free Zone
Agenda 21


Agenda 21 Land Grab: Facts and Resources


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