Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sand Wars: The Sands are Running Out!

It's time to draw a line in the sand because we've had our collective heads buried in this loose material consisting of rock or mineral grains for far too long. The impact of this elementary particle on our lives is second to only air and water. I had no idea!

Yes, I knew that sand is melted and transformed into glass, that it's crucial to the computer industry, and, of course, to the sabbaticals we take to rest and recreate, but I had no idea that it's the foundation of our modern development, our infrastructure, our way of life. From highways and habitats--reinforced concrete is two-thirds sand-- to cleaning products to cosmetics to food and wine to you name it, sand is at the core.

The construction of one average house takes 200 tons of sand; hospital takes 3,000 tons of sand; each km of highway takes 30,000 tons of sand, and construction of a nuclear plant requires 12 million tons of sand. That's a hell of a lot of sand! This kind of demand has created the never spoken of sand wars, sand mafias, and most important of all, to environmental damage the likes of which we've never seen.

No, the following documentary has absolutely nothing to do with "flat earth". So please do not disregard if you are not a "flat earther"; it's far too important. Having said that, I am very grateful to him for uploading this all important documentary.

So Watch! and then follow it up by reading Sand Wars: True Crimes Against Nature at Clint Richardson's Reality Blog and discover that the situation is much worse than even this documentary depicts.


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