Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting: Cui Bono?

I don't claim to know the truth about the Las Vegas incident, but I do know that like most lone gunman mass shooting events that turn into giant 24/7 media circuses, the official story just doesn't make sense even before you scratch the surface.

I mean, the guy carried 23 guns to his room and none of the security cameras caught it? Where is the camera footage of him prior to the shooting, carrying all of his weapons? Casinos literally hire former Marines with sharpshooter training in addition to the incredible surveillance of every public area, not to mention 22,000 people with smart phones. We should be awash with CCTV and cell phone footage of the chaos an event like this would create. 22,000 people with smart phones and so little , didn't smart-phone video this. Dig even deeper and the story gets even more ludicrous, preposterous, and should be downright offensive to anyone who spends five minutes on the official narrative.

High Incident Project?

Cui Bono? It certainly wasn't the alleged patsy shooter. Who benefits? An insidious industry that reaps maximum profit and influence for all the institutions that live off fear: the police, the justice system, the media, the weapons and security trade and most importantly, government, who create the "Big Brother" laws that increases their power over the masses. In other words, government and private contractors who have a stake in an exponentially growing national security state from which they stand to make a fortune and further limit our freedom of movement.

Collateral damage to push hidden agendas? Seems that way.


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