Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Digitally Distracted? Re-Synchronize Your Brain Hemispheres!

Do you find yourself doing stupid things? Forgetting things? Do you experience "phantom" phone vibrations, imagining your phone is calling you when it hasn't actually buzzed? Are you a "constant-checker": do you check your emails and social media accounts frequently, if not constantly?  Do you go into panic mode when you can't find your smartphone?  Do you find it difficult to look up from your phone screen, computer screen, iPad, etc.? Is your attention span/concentration level diminished? Do you feel generally fearful without knowing why?  In other words, are you digitally distracted, digitally dumbed-down and/or digitally distressed?  Are you digitally addicted?

If you can relate to any of the aforementioned questions, you are not alone.   An ever-increasing amount of research suggests that constant access to information is changing our brains in more ways than one, and not for the best. As our devices get smarter, our brains get lazier, or to be blunt, dumber, which I realize is over-simplifying, but some things are best if researched for oneself.  Once again, risking oversimplification, part of the problem is alignment; not only realigning technology with humanity’s best interests, but realigning or even more accurately,  resynchronizing our brain hemispheres.

Adrian Ward, a researcher at the University of Austin, has found that in many ways the internet is a lot like junk food. Just as snacks play on a deep biological need for sugar and fat, which tricks us into overeating these unhealthy foods, the internet messes with our cognitive functions to increase our dependence on it. Just being around a smartphone drives many to distraction, while heavy Googling has us increasingly outsourcing the task of remembering things to the cloud. That in turn means that we have to Google more and more things that we used to just have to commit to memory. Similarly, we may be taking more photos of things than ever, but we remember them less.

So, if you are a smart/cell/mobile phone user or even if you are not, because you are absorbing radiation from other people's wireless devices and the WIFI environments from which there is no escape, the following video will help because electrosmog is not only smogging up our brains it's switching our brains causing all of the symptoms previously mentioned. Even more importantly, a prolonged state of fear will also result in the switching of the brain which is the basis for mind control. This is one of the reasons why this technology is being forced upon us whether we like it or not. Don't get me wrong, most people love it! But for those of us who don't--a growing number-- because we see what it's doing, there is very little choice in the matter.

In other words, the technology we’re tethered to, not to mention, the WIFI environments we're immersed in, switch the brain.  Believe it or not, there is a little something you can do about it aside from crawling under a rock and wrapping yourself in tin-foil.  It's called  de-switiching, as it re-synchronizes the brain hemispheres.  Try it! You've got nothing to lose and perhaps, something to gain.


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