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Imposing a Gender Neutral Gender Fluid World Order?

Immediately after a baby is born, before it is even handed over to the mother, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" is exclaimed in celebration of a precious new life. Why? Because it's so obvious at first glance and really it's the only thing we can determine at this point, all the immutable rest--height, shoe size, etc.-- about this new life will slowly unfold over time. But if external genitalia is not enough--as it's not in incredibly rare cases of hermaphroditic anatomy (0.02% of newborns)--to convince one of the biological reality of males and females, different chromosomes, genes (new study finds 6,500 genes expressed differently according to biological sex), hormones, and internal reproductive organs or lack thereof, and later on, secondary sex characteristics (body shape, voice pitch, breasts, facial hair, etc.) should. Yet, we're told otherwise because...

...gender is irrelevant, yet, at the same time, more relevant than ever before, in the 21st century!

And so it is that gender identity has blossomed into an inescapable frontline issue. You can't turn on your TV, radio, Internet, or open a magazine or newspaper without being confronted with massively-funded gender politics, or more accurately, gender propaganda that cloaks itself in virtue, tolerance, social-justice and anti-bullying campaigns. This so-called fight for gender justice calls for new legislation, educational reform, and a total attitude readjustment for the masses that obliterates fundamental biological differences and once again, tries to redefine nature and turn creation on its head.

'Theybies': Letting Children Decide Their Gender

Is your baby a boy or a girl? Maybe, it’s a “theyby,” or maybe it's a dog or a cat or a labrat. Yes, there is a movement that wants to impose unisêx existence on children keeping their sêx a secret from everyone and referring to individuals in the plural. If this isn't an example of how a post-truth culture of personal conviction evolving into an Alice in Wonderland world, I don't know what is. "Theybies" is the result of the soft-headed, tender-minded ideology and post-modern imaginary thinking world of the coming global civilization as observational and scientifically proven reality is replaced with globally-dictated fantasies that are projected into the immense void that was created when Truth was obliterated. In this case, children become labrats when the will of God is replaced with the will of those who think they are gods or wannabe gods.

Please don't misunderstand.  Like so many people, I was a prime target for bullies throughout my childhood. I was bullied for being too tall, for wearing glasses, for being too shy, for having curly hair, for squinting in the sun, etc., etc. It has left me with my own scars to bear, with a nebulous sense that something was/is wrong with me, with an internalized sense of otherness, and with a sense of disempowerment, because the damage continues even after the bullying has stopped. After a while, children constantly intimidated, harassed and bullied for who they are perceived to be can't help but start to believe their bullies. On the other hand, being bullied in childhood has given me great compassion, sympathy, and empathy for victims of bullies, for underdogs, and the marginalized. In other words, I am in no way condoning bullying behavior, and/or overlooking the plight of those who can't conform to gender stereotypes nor those who are attracted to their own gender. But feelings and beliefs do not determine reality. If that were so I guess I'm 5'8" instead of 6'6". I guess I'm 34-years old instead of 56-years old. I guess I'm black instead of white.  I guess I'm a giraffe instead of a human being....

Although this is changing, most people know  that children  who don't conform to gender roles/norms are at highest risk of abuse by not only their peers but by adults--teachers, parents, coaches, bus drivers,, etc.-- as well. These children are punished every day for failing to fit the ideals of the traditional gender binary. To simply say this is wrong--punishing children for failure to conform to biological sex-- is woefully understated. However, the answer is not to eliminate gender as if that is even possible. The answer is not to encourage children to change their gender at will or replace the gender binary with an array of choices that boggles even the most mature mind. The answer is not to educate children about various forms of sexuality before they even understand sexuality itself. The answer is not to punish those who identify as male or female, and/or punish those who "maintain that there are men and there are women and that the difference between them is fundamental." Well, you get the picture.

My point is that the bullying issue--an issue that's been around since the dawn of man--should not be fodder for cultural and political agendas, because, you see, national "anti-bullying" campaigns and educational reform and adding more laws to the books  have very little to do with stopping bad behavior or with protecting the traditional targets of bullies and everything to do with creating an Orwellian postmodern society that denies objective and immutable reality; it has everything to do with socially engineering dysfunction because in doing so, they create an indoctrinated, traumatized population  that will accept the illusion they call "reality," where hate is love, war is peace, white is black (see Rachel Dolezal’s claim to identify as a black woman when she is clearly not) and people are genderless, like robots.

Under the guise of "social justice" and "anti-bullying", the political elite use the machinery of state education, the mainstream media, and their power to craft legislation to compel children and adults alike into adopting "politically correct" attitudes that supplant objective reality with the supremacy of the subjective desire of elite globalists who push extreme egalitarianism to the point that anyone who states evidence of difference is considered a bigot and/or prejudiced. Today, even to question the notion of gender fluidity is considered a hate crime in a growing number of  circles, despite the fact that it leaves children confused or distressed as the political elite endeavor to "undo" normative concepts of fixed, binary gender identities within our culture.

Gender politics continues to escalate despite the fact that incidents of bullying and intimidation have dropped markedly in recent years, according to surveys by the Department of Justice, yet the transgender or gender neutralizing ideological propaganda continues.  People who don't feel comfortable identifying with their biology are real human beings and should be taken seriously, they should not be marginalized, however transforming the problems of an infinitesimally small fraction of the population into an ideology, a movement that in reality is cover for a much more sinister agenda is not the solution.
And while the task force gives the impression that LGBT students are a primary focus of bullying, evidence suggests that the vast majority of bullying is directed at other students. The DOJ surveys indicate that the percentage of 12- to 18-year-old students who reported being targets of hate-related words based on their sexual orientation fell from 1.0 percent in 2007 to 0.6 percent in 2009.
You see, this is why modern day "scientists"  claim "philosophy is dead" because by eliminating philosophical and critical thinking,  it allows them to recreate reality on their own terms  and push it on a highly brainwashable population who has been taught what to think, not how to think.
Philosophy is dead is the declaration of scientific materialists because it leaves the individual epistemologically stymied because you’re only left with what is quantifiable and empirically demonstrable. Because philosophy is dependent on terminological exactitude and definitional clarity, by eliminating philosophy it allows them to play fast and loose with the terms they invoke such as evolution. They invoke these terms with a great deal of interpretive elasticity. Without terminological exactitude, they invoke this esoteric vernacular that can mean whatever happens to be advantageous to them, the masters of the Anglosphere or Anglo-American empire whose operating system or doctrine is Darwinism, materialism."-- Phillip/Paul Collins
 Despite the fact that bullying is decreasing, the most powerful sectors of our society are bullying us into accepting a prescribed orthodoxy--by using the buzzwords of identity politics to trump both clear thinking and civic disagreement--in this case, muddling gender, claiming it is mutable, irrelevant, and strictly a social construct. We are being bullied into accepting state-approved views of sexuality with sweeping new statewide antibullying regimes that bully because using classic indoctrination techniques to pressure children into adopting the curriculum designers' attitudes and beliefs is bullying. Any differentiation in value between behavior or attitudes from this orthodoxy is considered bigoted and strictly prohibited. Moreover, by pushing extreme gender ideological agendas on the masses, they're not only failing to adequately address the real issue of LGBTQ rights in employment, housing, healthcare, government services, and the military, they're playing divide and conquer games.

The bottom line is that gender identity issues that promote philosophical postulates "Cogito, ergo sum" are best left to, well, philosophy, not science because there is more than enough scientific evidence that proves biological sex is a scientific reality.
...the central issue is not to determine whether one says yes or no to sex…but to account for the fact that it is spoken about, to discover who does the speaking, the positions and viewpoints from which they speak, the institutions which prompt people to speak about it... had to speak of it [sexuality] as of a thing to be not simply condemned or tolerated but managed, inserted into systems of utility, regulated for the "greater good" of society. Sex was not something one simply judged; it was a thing one administered."

“We must not think that by saying yes to sex, one says no to power; on the contrary, one tracks along the course laid out by the general deployment of sexuality”-- Michel Focault   (emphasis mine)
I know I have not fully answered, why, as Michel Foucault asserts, campaigns are whipped up by the ruling class and its middle-class allies to impose family structures and values, [or lack thereof,] upon the masses," as that would require, at the very least, a book that fully explores all of the reasons, but to put it very simply: destruction of God + destruction of family + destruction of objective reality including a total rewrite of the biosphere (HG Well wrote of the complete control of all biological forms of life) = personal and state power-motive to arbitrarily define and or create "reality" without any regard for Truth.


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The researchers also found that biological sex also plays a role in preventing specific illnesses. For example, some genes expressed only in the left ventricle of the heart in women work to protect their hearts from disease until the women reach menopause. Another gene, in the liver, processes drugs differently according to the gender.

6,500 genes biased toward one sex or the other
6,500 genes with activity that was biased toward one sex or the other in at least one tissue, adding to the already major biological differences between men and women.’

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